Lenovo “seal” Yoga Pro 3 assessment: core M is not satisfactory

new lenovo Yoga Pro 3 has broken the traditional restrictions, implements dual experience of laptop and tablet. In addition to excellent design and easy to carry, also equipped with Intel launched Broadwell core M – 5 y70 processor architecture, this is also the core M new performance test platform of a golden opportunity.

some new equipment for Windows 8 system is leading a new trend, the trend is to try various new things, to provide the best experience traditional notebook computers and tablet performance. Lenovo launched the first Yoga laptop is should tide. Because of Yoga used a Angle limit freely rotating hinge, although look a little strange, but you can fold into the notebook to use tablet. Might be relative to the tablet is a bit thick heavy, but it is a simple way of transformation of laptop and tablet.

although its use function more inclined to laptop rather than the flat, but still have certain needs of the user into consideration. While Microsoft’s Surface Pro compromise too much, no good flexibility. Although design allowed on equipment can be converted into tablet, but for users, there are other better model – “tent model”. Users can put the keyboard in the direction of the screen on the back of the fold, in this case, when watching a movie on the plane or similar situations, can greatly reduce the occupied area.

due to the flexibility, Yoga design become the big winners.

this design first appeared in the IdeaPad Yoga on 13, followed by Yoga Pro 2 increased the visual effect is very good display (3200 x1800 pixels, a 13.3 -inch, 276 ppi) and Haswell processor. New Yoga Pro 3 increased new hinge design more complicated, the processor also upgrade to the core M – 5 y70 Broadwell architecture.

about processor

in addition to the new hinge design is a major bright spot, the design of the processor is also this time window. First few Yoga series using the U series processors, these are all Intel to produce super this oriented, TDP with 15 w. And new USES of Broadwell architecture processor is Y series. Y series processor is ultra-low power consumption, Yoga Pro 3 chip only 4.5 W TDP. Will affect the clock speed of the processor. Although Haswell architecture core i5-4200 u and the core of M – 5 y70 Broadwell architecture theory has the biggest clock frequency 2.6 GHz, but Haswell frequency of 1.6 GHz, the basis of Broadwell at 1.1 GHz.

although Broadwell based on clock normalized slightly faster, but the need to make up for the basic clock deficit, failed to achieve double the speed. And lower TDP also limits the clock speed continuously improve ability.

this is obviously the influence of the performance, in fact Yoga Pro 3 performance is not very good indeed. In almost every test Yoga Pro 2 and lost it all, including the GPU and CPU test.

only in browser to test its performance is equal to or better than Yoga Pro 2. I think there are may be because such test results are very short and test process adopted single thread. It is in this case, the Broadwell Haswell and clock speed to match for the time being. Because under the same clock speed, Broadwell run slightly faster, so Yoga Pro 3 just slightly better.

and low power consumption will bring a benefits: a longer battery life. Unfortunately, so far our test are not accurate. Under the condition of the same 50% brightness, more Pro 3 power supply time, close to 10 hours, and Pro 2 just 6 hours or so. It is worth noting that the Pro 3 smaller batteries only 44 wh. (Pro 2 for 54 wh.

however, 50% of the brightness slightly dark, in a sunny environment eyes will be very uncomfortable. But brightness to 100%, the battery life seems to be falling soon, not more than 5 hours.

10 hours or acceptable, 5 hours is not far. We continue the calibration screen testing Pro 2 and Pro 3 comparison, in order to obtain better results we conducted further testing. Battery life seems to be compared with the previous version of the new system is better, but still not first-class standard. In the same test, 2.96 pounds of Haswell MacBook Air has 54 wh battery, run nearly 12 hours. MacBook Air, of course, the screen resolution is low, does not support touch, no fancy hinge. But if I all day in a lot and I’m willing to sacrifice some functions to get a longer time.

maybe new processor does not improve performance or battery life, but have a bit of Yoga Pro 3 force, the previous version, that is size. The new version is very thin, only 0.5 inches. The 0.44 pounds and is very light, and the weight is only 2.62 pounds. The biggest impact on its tablet model. Although some thick heavy for tablet, but every lenovo try our best to make it lighter, it makes tablet mode to use more feasible.

as a result of the processor even load running, Yoga Pro 3 also never overheat. Although for laptop fever is never a problem, but as tablet needs to take in hand, the influence of heat is very big still. Yoga Pro 3 slightly fever, but nothing more. Obviously all this is a function of the fan, but it is difficult for us to feel its existence.

rotate 360 degrees “no dead Angle”

new hinge design process is complex, and to use all obstacles, is a master piece. Hinge joint is very compact, can keep the screen opening and closing any Angle. But it also brings another problem that is difficult to open the Pro 3. In addition, couldn’t open a hand without any gap allows the user to open the computer, each open computer users have to pry open.

although open the laptop will be awkward, but the hinge design ensure the service life of using. In general, as the growth of the time, hinge will gradually become loose. Indeed, it will be very boring, but to give up hinge flexibility this core characteristics is absolutely undesirable.

Pro 3 screens to keep the Pro 2 levels. By using the high resolution can run 200%, but unfortunately, occasional errors when using third-party software. But this error is acceptable. After all, Microsoft products also can appear such circumstance. As long as most of the time can run normally, Pro 3 really did it.

the most disappointing is still the keyboard. (lenovo keyboard transformation has been widely criticized.) Keyboard set up a row of function keys, replaced the Fn key combination. You know this choice is made a lot of people have rejected. Might F key is for super users, but this reason is far-fetched, after all, this is a high-priced flagship version of the machine. Frankly, I think the super user needs proper F key function.

it is important to note that lenovo and not fully utilize all the space. On the keyboard is a piece of space, while the touchpad and seem to be some small relative to the keyboard. I don’t know if there was any limits the layout, but just from the appearance, the keyboard can also add a line, the width can also increase some more. For example, can increase Home and End keys alone, rather than using Fn key combination. I really don’t understand why will have this from the keyboard to remove all the tendency of “unnecessary” buttons.

lenovo has not yet been discarded key short-term use up is very good, color backlighting looks elegant. The touchpad response ability is good, I hope it could improve the accuracy of the some. For multi-touch gestures, expanding the area of the touch panel would make it easier to use.

keyboard has a lot of sense, the use of the rubber surrounding. This avoids the notebook may exist discomfort brought by the sharp edges, but can easily gather ash from fingerprints.

Yoga Pro 3 pre-installed applications including maintenance tool sets, such as eBay and Metro application of the weather channel, and such as the Kindle and boost reading applications.

there is a called a key optimization application stand out, because it is not consistent with the whole product. The application seems to be back in the 1990 s the “Windows optimizers”, flaunting the banner of “fine-tuning” registry, claims to optimize system performance, but effect is not significant. It is important to note that just out of the Yoga Pro 3 USES the performance after the application has not been optimized. The application shows that some services may be disabled, need to modify in the set. So I can’t help but want to ask, if lenovo to optimize application confident enough to be pre-installed, why isn’t it have the same confidence, simply by default application these optimization?



it is clear that lenovo to Yoga appearance design is very attentively. Pro 3 in both the weight and thickness are better than the previous version, this let appearance look much better than before. Hinge design is also very good, although some tight, but very strange, is also very good to ensure the hinge inside the service life of the system can work normally. Screen is also very beautiful, but the level of input devices is back.

Broadwell architecture of the processor also proved their own performance. Yoga Pro 3 battery life is good (though not match now prices), performance is a bit poor, normal heat dissipation. We wonder if Intel has launched Broadwell U series products, the market will be what kind. Broadwell architecture of the processor can solve the problem of performance deficit, relative to the Haswell architecture of processor power improved.

the last it is also worth attention, that is the price. Yoga Pro 2 for $999, Pro 3 for $1299. Compared with previous versions of 4 gb of RAM and 128 gb SSD configuration, Yoga Pro 3 made improvements, configured with 8 gb RAM and 256 gb SSD, indeed worthy of this price. But based on the device did not do the performance of the super users want, I want to the same basic configuration and the price cheap version will be welcomed by the market.

Yoga Pro 3 is recommended to buy? nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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