Lei jun: millet to complete the $1.1 billion in financing, valued at $45 billion

millet company CEO lei jun released today, the original text is as follows:

millet at the weekend have just completed the latest round of financing, the company valued at $45 billion, raising $1.1 billion, investors including All stars – magnolia bark, DST, GIC, investment and yunfeng capital investment institutions. This funding is sure of millet entrepreneurial performance more than four years, also opened the prelude to a new stage of development.

millet will start again with zero state of mind, go to “let everyone can enjoy the pleasure of science and technology” of the dream to continue to work hard, “high quality, high performance and good experience” is the goal we pursue forever.

in January 2015, millet will release heavyweight flagship product, in return for always support our rice noodles, partners and investors.

millet company

over the past four years, millet orgasm once a year:

at the end of 2010, millet completed A round of funding, the amount of $41 million, investors for Morningside, ignition and IDG, valued at $250 million or so;

in December 2011, millet completed $90 million in financing, and valuation of $1 billion, investors including qiming, IDG, suitable for fund, temasek, qualcomm, Morningside;

at the end of June, 2012, millet announced the successful financing of $216 million, $4 billion valuation.

in August 2013, millet to complete a new round of financing, valuation of $10 billion.

millet valuation to $45 billion, more than jingdong, second only to ali, in the domestic Internet company tencent and baidu.

the latest documents show, millet in 2013 net profit growth of 84%, to 3.46 billion yuan, 1.88 billion yuan in 2012.

in addition to the financing, make money, millet and bank lending, at the end of October this year won 29 $1 billion loan of Banks, including deutsche bank, jpmorgan chase, Morgan Stanley, etc.

money, where did you go last two months have significant investment iQIYI, century interconnection, midea group. Lei jun to replicate one hundred millet men, however, go ahead.

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