Lei jun: in 2014, sold 61.12 million units of millet mobile phone, income is 74.3 billion yuan

the first working day in 2015, lei jun within the millet issued an open letter, inform the company of general planning results in 2014 and 2014. He said that in 2014 years, sold 61.12 million mobile phones, up 227%. Tax revenue was 74.3 billion yuan, an increase of 135%. Among them, the pace of internationalization has become the six countries and regions, sold more than 1 million mobile phones in India.

in the New Year, millet will focus on building three aspects: one is to return to products and services of beginner’s mind, on January 4, we will release the red m phone 2; On January 15th, we will hold a heavyweight flagship product launch. 2 is to perfect the ecological layout. 3 is more international business development.

the following letter for the inside of a lei jun full-text:

dear colleagues, happy New Year!

first to share a good news: in the past year, we have made enough for every one of us proud achievement, sold 61.12 million mobile phones, up by 227%; Tax revenue was 74.3 billion yuan, an increase of 135%. In the smartphone industry, we has become a leading domestic market share of the company!

thank full engagement of the every colleague, we didn’t get such a brilliant performance, but also won the capital market. Recently, we have just completed a new round of funding, a $45 billion valuation, millet have became the world’s highest value is not currently listed technology companies.

in 2014, has become an important milestone in the history of the development of millet, we from the chaser of the industry, became the object of being chased by a whole industry. Even at the end of the year, we also encountered a lot of international giant patent litigation, ushered in the rite of millet. Colleagues at present, the study of the patterns of millet, learning, imitation has reached “pixel”. In 2015, the domestic smartphone industry growth, trade competition is the competition to the endurance and the overall ability of ecosystem of the knockout stage. So, starting in 2015, we are at the zero point of view, to set out, is determined to continue to embrace the last meet belong to every millet, a better future!

a beginner’s mind, return products and services. we should always pay attention to technology innovation, consistently adhere to make friends with customers, always insist on high quality, high performance and good experience of the product. on January 4, we will release the red m phone 2; On January 15th, we will hold a heavyweight flagship product launch. We will use new product innovation opened in 2015.

2, improve the ecological layout. we started two years ago, layout, to have made some progress today, the intelligent hardware companies invested in more than 20 start-up, and even home appliances giant midea group reached a strategic partnership. We need an open mind, and more partners work closely, make more perfect filling system, bring millet users more complete and interesting, and convenient intelligent life experience of science and technology. We believe that the chain will be the most important millet continue high speed of competitiveness.

three, with the internationalization of the dream. we have go abroad, outside into the six countries and regions, and a great success in the area, such as the Indian market, we have sold more than 1 million sets of mobile phone, we will enter the more overseas market this year, have a more brilliant performance. Internationalization, of course, we will also face more new challenges. No royal road to learning the way to success, and we will be way, through wind, the quality of science and technology products from China to all the sun can shine into place. We want all the world people can enjoy the pleasure of science and technology!

more than four years ago, we are starting from scratch, with products and business model innovation, just a few years, created the unprecedented miracle. Millet from beautiful MIUI ROM developers, smart phone manufacturers, relying on the business model of product innovation and triathlon, national brand to the consumer electronics, intelligent family ecological building, and mobile Internet content and services distribution platform. This is the global technology industry has never been company form, millet has arrived at the forefront of the development of the industry.

from now on, we forward every step in writing a new history! In 2015, together with me, please, keep sincerity, keep love, humility, more sensitive, more investment, more enterprising, with each one of us in the footsteps of exploration industry every bit of new possibilities, the journey toward the ocean, to the others have not arrived in dream place!

millet, come on!

lei jun


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