Lei jun, Dr. Chen not only make up the content of short board, also to build ecological content

(word/Yao Hongxi)

around finally to the suspicion of the dust settles, Chen tong, rival clubs it is after the start point of millet.

at two o ‘clock this afternoon, millet company formally announced that Dr. Chen to join in and served as vice President, director is responsible for investment and content operations, and report to lei jun.

media meeting at the same time, lei jun wang chuan, accompanied by two Dr. Chen to attend. In this situation, lei jun to attend is not a surprise, the emergence of wang chuan started astonishing but then relief. Because, in the public, wang chuan key responsible for TV, boxes and other hardware products, will in future with Dr. Chen on content make coordinated development; For private, wang chuan is a friend of Dr. Chen, he is sent to Chen tong, rival sina in 17 years ago, also is his, and put out Chen tong, rival sina into the millet.

a into a, time is over 17 years. Period, created the Chen tong, rival sina the leading status in the portal, lei jun from jinshan to millet now has become China’s Internet important forces; Wang chuan also from the earliest Internet entrepreneurs into the co-founder of millet. When prompted them to separate the reason is the Internet, now make them together again is the Internet, just different.

now millet, less than five years has created a “myth” of growth, the product has covered and intelligent mobile phone, tablet, TV, box hardware, etc., among them, the mobile phone shipments was already close to the global top three. The latest news, company valuations have exceeded $40 billion. This growth is unprecedented, is also one of the important factors of Dr. Chen.

to find really suitable for their own jobs and ability are the biggest problems facing the Dr. Chen. Created the portal sina, sina blog, at the same time for weibo social media contributed all effort, Dr. Chen began to tired. In the farewell to the media at the same time can also keep the content industry correlation is thinking of the next step. As it happens, is still in the period of transformation of millet TV is such an opportunity.

millet TV content in shackles

according to the idea of “three steps” lei jun of millet, makes the high quality intelligent advanced hardware, occupy the market through the innovation pattern of sales at a low price, the last match a huge content service platform. The same effect with the previously advocated hardware, software and services, more business opportunities will come from the backend services segment.

today, sprawling millet encountered problems, is how to better promote content filling, further fuelling hardware form a positive cycle. Millet TV is affected by the content of the most obvious product.

the core of millet take home entertainment TV is based on internal entry respected, like the mobile phone is also a main low-priced, high performance, but the product is always much cry and little wool. The official has not yet revealed the real shipments data. Accurate information from the upstream supply chain millet show, however, as of April 15, 2014, millet TV shipments of approximately 21000 units, the result is not ideal for crazy millet, also from direct competitors Letv TV is far. In hardware performance and the process of production, millet television are not inferior, what is the problem?

it is because of the lack of the core content, it has become the millet TV must solve a key problem. At present due to the restrictions of the state administration of radio, smart TV makers can only cooperate with existing licences for content. Millet TV currently access the CNTV, but the latter content and compatibility on user demand has a larger gap. With the joy of video website construction is behind the apparent, obviously inadequate.

and, more importantly, at present the TV version of the video App declines, the use of millet TV users suffered a greater role in “vacuum”.

from policy regulation may also disrupt the rhythm of the original company, but this would work, millet TV video content has reached the point where they must solve. Otherwise, the shipment will not only associated with millet TV performance, more intelligent family strategy will affect the millet.

“the entire content industry of millet, millet, millet mobile phone box, TV including millet tablet is a great event of life and death.” Lei jun so sigh with emotion.

millet spent $1 billion to build content ecological

in order to meet the arrival of Dr. Chen, lei jun for its $1 billion of “gift”, namely the millet company first will invest $1 billion to do content of ecological, processing with full responsibility by Dr. Chen.

lei jun says, “the integration of content and content of operating a millet’s focus on content, at this stage is also in the field of TV and tablet core in the field of breakthrough.” It is not difficult to find that millet operation ideas and focus in in the future.

although did not disclose how to spend the money, but says Chen tong, will focus on TV content business, within half a year to millet, millet, TV box have earth-shaking changes. This is not only a goal programming, and at the same time as a “written pledge to fulfill a military order”. Can think of is, Dr. Chen’s action not only buy the copyright, investment, more important is how to knead to form of content resources of all kinds of products.

in addition, according to incomplete statistics, lei jun and millet science and technology in the past few years, investment of more than ten media companies, of which 350 million investment Shanghai newspaper group; In the film and television related chain has a stake in xunlei and co-sponsored by the film and television, etc. Plus the time to invite Dr. Chen, lei jun want to build up a complex relationship between the media and content.

not only in the field of television, lei jun’s eyes or ambition seems to be more big, focus will be on all the products of the family of millet. Because after the preliminary set up the content of the millet TV ecological Chen tong, rival, also will be the mobile phone, tablet, millet, etc. By that time, a large content across multiple terminal distribution system will be created in millet.

of course, this system is the premise of success millet to keep cattle.

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