Lei jun after 45 years old birthday after the interview, about millet in question

cloud network hunting note: millet rapid success need not tired, but since last year, the layout of the lei jun is bigger and bigger, boundary diffusion in succession, the millet’s thinking and real challenge will be how? In the 45th birthday on the second day, lei jun accepted part of media interviews, focus of recent answer.

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in lei jun 45th birthday the next morning, he and a dozen media in millet office chatting for three hours. Starting from millet ecological, he answered dozens of uninterrupted question – why not to invest in beauty haier? Millet ecological what truth is? Why to want to invest 100 hardware companies? Millet is true of the hardware industry bully? If you can copy the mode of millet? Millet really don’t lack of money? Will the IPO? And so on, lei jun had candid and in-depth answer.

in the interview, lei jun repeatedly, millet ecology is open, non-exclusive, everyone thinks “millet what do” is a big misunderstanding, millet core principle is to refrain from greed, to focus, millet is a boundary.

lei jun says, when he was in the 40th birthday he did millet, let go of the past in 45 years old birthday that day, he received the gift, is a 360 investment alliance cool, another is huawei release 6 plus glory, “the industry’s competitive terror.”

how do I get millet? Last year, lei jun says, a friend gave him a let his fruitful: stick to the original path. For an unlisted company, profit is not important, increasing investment, don’t get to go with the market.

— — — — — here are some extracts from the dialogue — — — — —

why millet do ecological?

smart home is a wave in January 2014 when Google acquisition nest are driven, this remind all of us want to full speed.

before making millet mobile phone, mobile phone to do first is to do first router, we are hesitant. We are the three core of mobile phones, TV, routing, play the three products are in accordance with the iec in extension, we do these devices, the products are highly correlated with iec. Can’t see how much chain competition, the short run, but we can see three to five years. Now filling change has only just begun.

phone type is platform of hardware products, depended on the growth of iec, hardware competition has always been a multidimensional, not more than selling a phone less selling a phone call, but a whole chain competition, it is the foundation of all things.

say back, millet do ecological why, from the perspective of the hardware? Reason is that under the existing pattern of BAT, only this model can breakthrough. In the competition, we move slowly, we are looking for and BAT not the same as the breakthrough point, at the same time, the pursuit of profit is very flexible, (such as the investment in love we work with baidu), we are not.

only in this way, can make millet billions company, to become the world’s first. Or you do a company and a $1 billion value have how old? Again and again to reproduce itself is of little value.

millet ecological include?

we established the millet filling department last year, the plan is to invest 100 hardware companies, of course, the future may be much more than this number. Millet is at the core of millet mobile phone in ecological, chain enterprise invested by surrounding is millet, and the surrounding is millet alliance, the investment of enterprise.

in our chain, also includes three layers, the first layer is intelligent hardware chain; The second layer is the content industry ecosystem; The third layer is a cloud service. (we invest in the hardware chain hardware startup; We invited Dr. Chen ecology in the content, the investment in the youku and love; In the cloud, we invest in jinshan and century interconnection)

millet invested so many startups and mature companies and listed companies, the boundary of the millet is what?

first of all, millet is a boundary, millet itself only focus on three types of mobile phones (including tablet), routing (box), TV. We do not do iec investment in order to do more products, it is to focus on. Each product line is very disorderly go hand in hand, is very dangerous. Now we are clearly in advance in accordance with the rhythm, our today’s key word is, restraint, focus, and steadily push forward.

before internationalization, six or seven area, at the same time we do now is focus on breakthroughs in India, for Internet finance, our idea is to do after preparation.

millet the core principles of three

1. Refrain from greed, doing less, the core things done;

2. Ally as widely as possible, and you together;

3. Through the filling way to drive the whole industry transformation and upgrade.

when I do a angel investment, sequoia shen gave me advice, he said “you are too conservative, will miss a lot”. But as a VC, you lose one hundred case doesn’t matter, as long as there is a success, that’s enough. The world is not to see how much you lose, but how to win. So I say, want to relax, said bluntly, the 100 companies that I invest millet will help them, but life and death is a CEO, so I eat and sleep. Finally, I believe there will always be a few successful, there will always be more billions dollars.

suitable for funds on the 7000 cases, they concluded, as long as do a homerun (home), all win back. All hang up it doesn’t matter as long as a success. (his smile while exclamation, too blunt… )

millet three web:

there are several web, millet is not only a mobile phone company, the first is the millet or mobile Internet companies, so our first platform is a mobile Internet platform. In November, for example, a single month of millet games business is 173 million yuan, water is very considerable, The second platform is e-commerce platform, both turnover and scale, especially intelligent hardware, can to the top three, why are we so attaches great importance to the intelligent hardware industry chain, is one of the reasons for millet complementary product line; The third platform is a cloud service.

in cloud services, millet also have three layers of strategy, the millet itself provided by the cloud services focus on the application side, the middle layer is a golden hill, mainly is the data mining and utilization of infrastructure (room, etc.) is provided by the century interconnection, collaboration, mutual restrict, mutual independent business strategy.

why eventually choose beauty?

at the beginning of last year we started preparing router, we designed a router family of server and storage center of family, doing the router at the same time, we begin to do intelligent hardware chain, we want to find a big company cooperation, early early we and home appliance giants in communication, took the last September, and reached a strategic partnership.

we welcome such as haier, hisense company cooperation, even the gree. But for these traditional big enterprise, if not, it is hard to really start cooperation, so, beauty is a cut.

investment beauty is our extension of the smart home strategy two years ago. Our first step is to oneself through the investment of intelligent hardware industry chain, just visible, make our industry chain so as to convince beauty and our cooperation, the second step is to invest the beauty. We want to through partnership and achieve interconnectivity of millet equipment and device. We want to in five years time, let all devices are connected and millet.

Evaluation dong mingzhu

do not so capricious, corporate strategy and has nothing to do on a bet. We also want to cooperate with gree. (laughs)

there are “millet”, “the department of lei jun”, this is a kind of reform? You have been saying open, which is a contradiction?

the fundamental principle of millet is not exclusive, reform and open. Our alliance, the investment company, we aren’t required to team, open is the foundation of establish iec. For example, we in the content industry chain, we invested in youku and iQIYI, the two is to do the best video website is also a direct competitor, we do not participate in the competition of content industry, only the pursuit of industry and our cooperation. For example, we chose the kingsoft cloud group as a cloud provider, but we may also choose to amazon (we are part of the amazon also supports the millet cloud storage), kingsoft cloud group is not the only supplier of millet, but the main suppliers.

the premise of our cooperation is not in our investment is not as a prerequisite, investment just implement strategy of millet, the purpose is to strengthen ourselves.

millet investment 100 hardware company’s core purpose is to strengthen the competitive power of the millet mobile phone

millet is definitely not an investment company, the 100 companies who can come out who can’t, I don’t care. Millet is not profit earnings is your thing, there is only one, is to be iec is in order to enhance the competitiveness of the millet mobile phone. Iec success and failure is their own things, we just play role of shareholders, we can get the biggest advantage is that they support our strategy.

I care about is always, first, the investment company is in line with the strategy of millet, help millet enhance competitiveness; Second, do not lose money.

this 100 companies can play an exemplary role, drive the whole industrial chain, and then we will invite more partners to join, but we have selected the standard. Core to conform to the standard values of millet and millet user base, it has nothing to do and the price of the product itself, such as good Nest product price is high, but is not in conformity with the millet mainstream users demand, so we will not introduce the Nest products.

at present, there are many good, appropriate in millet net sales of the products, but we’re not going to make it Tmall, jingdong big platform, to introduce more equipment (in millet net sales), we have no current preparation.

two years protection of limited

for our portfolio companies, millet have two years of protection, guarantee the company in the field of the same type the same only one, but two years later, we will invest in other companies, for sure.

millet clique and the non lineal companies enjoy the millet resources have to differ?

enjoyed by how much resource, and investment is not no matter, for our strategic support degree is higher, the more we support. Millet internal is developing a set of guidelines, the grade of the product, according to the level to configure different cooperation and resource plan. But details haven’t come out.

what do you think the hardware startups like you?

this is a very controversial issue. We invest a lot of companies, but those who can’t get our portfolio companies to scold us, but the millet is open, we welcome you, you can find our investments, to find our connection.

Don’t want to become a

millet incubator

Don’t want to become a

millet incubators, air purifier is a special case. In order to ensure that the company being cast combat ability, we will input more ability of supply chain to be partners, will also help them docking, with millet reputation for their endorsement. But the premise is that with millet brand all industrial products must be me.

millet can win the absolute reason is efficient

cites the example of tongrentang, wal-mart and Costco, (here omit 1000 words, can refer to lei jun in lenovo internal speech, which cited Fu Cheng to bargain in Costco bought two samsonite, attract lei jun to Costco do card), to prove that the essence of business is efficient, cheap behind is efficient, and high efficiency is millet won the absolute reason.

millet how to do? The first is the genuine materials, high performance, high experience, keywords is super user expectations; The second is e-commerce direct, efficient operation, obvious advantages, our operation efficiency is a world leading level; The second is the word of mouth, produce the high reputation, can save a lot of advertising and marketing costs. The first not ready, ten times as much as one hundred times more experience to make up for the first (real).

millet cannot be copied, but millet pattern can copy

it is hard to copy a millet, but millet patterns can be copied, can promote. Our purpose is to help transform 100 traditional companies. Do things in the traditional industry, consider the most is the cost, and our research and development products is willing to vast amounts of investment. On the cost price, we would like to learn our industry.

three big challenges of the future

there are a lot of challenge, first of all, the entire smartphone industry has many problems, now is the bottleneck of the whole technology, such as electronics and batteries, this is the most slow, the entire consumer electronics technology innovation is not only to solve, but also solve the problem of reliability and production, is not easy.

I carried a total of 400000 in the first half of last year, with the first generation of red m away, has placed an order, but because not up to standard, all throw it away. Such a thing will only more, we are relying on huge workload to control risk. Millet usually prepare several sets of solutions, finally only one set, this will bring huge waste, of course, but this waste is necessary.

in addition, the challenge of patent, patent wars is millet rite. How did this rite? Millet is expected next year to apply for 1300 patents, including 300 international invention patent, now the key is too short. We need most is the time, we have to put the ideas into patent invention, can hold tickets in this round of competition. 5-10 years, the patent war is part of the rules of the game.

in addition to the patent is the biggest challenge of privacy, millet is intended to be global to users privacy protection in the company the most comprehensive company, we will soon launch a white paper on millet privacy.

hate millet is unreasonable

recently, Mr Wang said a word I’m recognized — no matter what you engaged in industry, once if you think your industry there is no connection with the Internet, after a year or two the industry doesn’t matter with you. Now you hate millet without reason, the wave of mobile Internet and intelligent household has come, the same will die.

millet without walls, but there is a fence of millet

in the era of IBM, is an open ecosystem, in the era of apple, has now become a closed. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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