Lego box $37.19 million B round, millet and led

(word/qing nan)

the domestic investment and financing platform for P2P network announced today that lego box to complete the total $37.19 million B round, millet and led to capital, partners China, temasek’s investment, the intime capital and jade auspicious peak are involved with.

this is also in the earlier this year the intime capital after A round of funding, lego box in the latest action of the capital level.

the news about lego box B round began in a few days ago on the Internet, then the investor is millet and for capital.

block boxes and millet, revealed that both sides will embark on a number of resources in the field of Internet financial complementary strategic cooperation. When it comes to why investment block box, millet co-founder and vice President of flood peak, said the “very important building block box team rich experience in the field of Internet financial and operational ability, and the two sides in common in terms of values and business concept.”

after the analysis thinks, this millet investment lego box is the main purpose, and millet production chain produce synergies, millet financial supply chain. At the same time also can let millet chain of developers to complete capital needs more efficiently.

the data shows, since its launch in 2013, lego box platform on the total amount of dealmaking nearly 2 billion yuan, the top quickly. Although P2P regulatory problems in Taiwan, but relevant policies also gradually began to clear. This is investment institutions begin to choose filling the Internet one of the reasons for the financial sector.

the lego box the raise of funds, in addition to strengthen the team construction, will further expand in risk control, technical support, product development and brand construction, etc., and to expand our business to more industries and regions.


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