Legend in P2P, the investment of 900 million yuan investment in pterosaurs

(wen xuan/day)

before P2P regulatory policy has become increasingly clear, legend in the field of Internet financial movement began to increase, after some time ago, lenovo star after 10 million in P2P platform beans net silver, legend holdings again in the near future to complete the investment in the pterosaurs is borrowed.

so far, legend and pterosaurs lending both sides did not notice transaction details, but, according to people familiar with the deal is likely to be formally announced today. And the Internet have been began circulating pterosaurs photos to celebrate success in financing loan.

data show that pterosaurs to borrow, founded in 2007, relying on “local lending O2O mode”, has more than 200 cities across the country set up operation center, and set up the lending, financial management experience in around the villages and towns, community shops, established a comprehensive, multi-level risk control management system.

according to tencent last night of science and technology, legend holdings investment amount is 900 million yuan, pterosaurs, chairman and CEO sicong loan (not the son of the wanda wang jianlin will lose control. According to media reports, pterosaurs loans before the shareholder structure of sicong 46%, 18% employees shares held legal person generation, Beijing city pterosaurs network technology co., LTD., 36%; After completion of this round of financing, sicong personal stake was diluted to 20%. But this statement has not been confirmed accurately.

according to learn, as the capital transactions, legend holdings has stationed director of strategic investment at the senior President pterosaurs loan forward MAO, the new card information has also been exposed.

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