Left left: now that love is regardless of gender, let it more pure


some people predicted: “APP will die, service eternal life”. Developing an application is not easy, the key is how to service users, to meet user demand. Otherwise, the application is too much, homogeneity and serious, how could you fight. Hunting done before cloud network inventory: at a time. Today to introduce a small pure and fresh and gay love software: left, left.

left left position on gay love, rather than just dating, or even a booty call. Team members are from wuhan university, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, have rich development experience, including development are from tencent. Founder Zhang Yunchen graduated from wuhan university of software engineering. Before is responsible for product bed music, zcom electronic magazine.

I call him as a comrade love software, not just the software to make friends, because of it. On embodied in interested in match, the matching degree, the values match, the comrades on the market at present application of common user complex, various purposes, brief false information incomplete, etc., can’t well meet the demand. Left left purpose provides a simple, clean environment to make friends, in addition to the photos, pay more attention to through the introduction to know more about each other from person to person.

active hope to make friends with gay friends in the left, left, after the official audit through in the form of unique personalized card appears on the front page, ordinary users can through the personalized card on the front page, details, or direct live chat to get to know each other, enhance friendship, sublimation of love.

in the face of a 70 million – user market, left, left to choose a way to embrace the open market, want to do is to make the comrades no longer alone, rather than allow the user to waste a lot of time also can not find a right person. In fact, the Gay because I couldn’t find the right guy, the next best to chance of gold in the absence of trust based on want to meet a right person, left left sapped demand for Gay lonely heart, to enter the market with innovative products, to the Gay can solve the problem of her boyfriend, also will solve Gay physiological and psychological needs.

in hunting cloud network view, left left and Zank, Blued, Jackd to some extent in the competition, although is LBS + SNS applications, but it is different from product point of view. Other applications are LBS near the user’s display, content on the good and bad are intermingled. And went in after many click image information is false or is empty or is everything all right just about guns, very bad for dating. Even inadvertently to strengthen the spiritual emptiness and distrust of dating.

actually, near the user’s LBS show significance is not big, against even damage left left the application of the concept. Left left the team members are all gay, to understand the market well. They are actually doing precision push, prompting the intersection in common people become friends, simple platform purpose, users are more willing to fully show themselves, after the application of on-line, user feedback is very good, won the trust of the users of the platform.

android launched two months there have been 10 w user, IOS version is online. Now left left on the recommended still has a limit, purpose is to let friends become pure, and know how to be grateful. Will be added other functions, revolves around looking for a boyfriend this requirement, the main direction does not change. Recommendation algorithm will continue to optimize, increase the weight of each dimension. Some users feedback said temporarily can’t see the nearby people, but they don’t think to find a boyfriend position is very important information point, meet the city, so it will not change for the time being.

left left tell hunting cloud network, in the future with the increase in the inclusion of social, as well as the identity of the gay community, more and more gay community will find a partner through life, and not to shape or scams and heterosexual marriage, marriage so this market will be more and more important. Combined with gay this group demands for high quality of life, as well as the need to consider when using the offline service discrimination (beauty, wedding, etc.), in subsequent applications will expand offline services, to serve the comrades.


the last mention of recent hot events “little red riding hood”. Won’t give I speak of the “one hundred”, estimates that everybody feels familiar, will probably also know that this is the story between two gay friends. The little red riding hood was tricked into about gun, about the ask for the bill was rejected, then report to the police. , many people don’t know, it is the little red riding hood on street racketeer cheat money at ordinary times, and with fake photos cheat same-sex date, once about to ask each other for money, if not, to put things make big and general victims worry either usually give money.

so, in addition to security issues such as HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STD), gay groups still face problems such as privacy financial security. A purely for the purpose of the love of the pure land needs to be established to make friends, let’s cook for example, in order to love, brave to love action, and believe that one day, rainbow flags waving.

Left left

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