LED lighting Intelligent household capital hot is the savior

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new force for the lighting industry, LED lighting is being acclaimed prince, king lighting industry in the future. Already through market is its early and in the channels and the brand competition stage LED lighting industry gradually with the appearance of the Internet and smart devices has a new development model.

the present situation of the domestic LED lighting

based on the support of the government for a long time, the policy tilt the unique advantage of a local in China has developed a LCD panel industry and the LED industry, however, the domestic market, the rich as a result of capacity of panel and LED components only in the low price of cheap goods, while it is possible to meet the market requirements, but not at the top of the master panel and LED technology.

in LED market profit sharing system, at the top of the pyramid is still the United States, Japan and other manufacturers. In the semiconductor industry, China wants to copy the LCD, LED industry supporting the successful experience is very difficult. Owing to the high threshold of learning, and need to related industries collocation and talent supply chain and a series of complex and advanced application, semiconductor the industry does not like other industries rely on the government, the enterprise technology introduction, buy equipment, dig the corner can grow into a towering tree. But want to develop China’s LED industry still needs to vigorously the introduction of absorbing foreign advanced technology, gradually developing domestic lighting technology.

with the latest Spansion IC manufacturing co., LTD and wuhan new core of the cooperation, the two sides in intellectual property (IP) and technology research and development to complete the layout, is expected to enlarge plant, wuhan new core will have the ability to produce 200000 pieces of production and will be fully supplied to the large volume of the Chinese market quickly produce memory chips, the SSD, memory card, smart phones, tablets need storage devices will be a significant cost benefits.

the Spansion will be China this vast market to get better benefits, while manufacturers in China with the next generation of the 3 d NAND flash memory technology, it can be used the new technology make full use of existing equipment production, on a chip stack more layers to increase the capacity of chip.

hot LED a new intelligent household capital power

according to the hongta securities predicted that in 2015 China’s LED general lighting output will reach 180 billion yuan, up 56% from a year earlier, it also suggests that one hundred billion yuan of LED general lighting market is open. thinking is rooted in the Internet intelligent lighting will open LED lighting new development train of thought, have the opportunity to use hand to integrate market and standardizing development of the capital.

belongs to the category of intelligent household intelligent lighting refers to the use of computer, wireless data transmission, intelligent power carrier spread spectrum communication technology, computer information processing and energy-saving electric control technology of distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote control system, to realize the intelligent control of the lighting equipment.

with the strength of the light brightness adjustment, light soft start, timing control, setting, etc; And achieve safe, energy-saving, comfortable and efficient characteristics. Under the boom of smart home, a large number of enterprises are pouring into intelligent lighting, in abroad, for example, philips, GE and other international lighting giants are scrambling to the launch of the smart ball bubble, enterprise is also scrambling to r&d and domestic traditional lighting, even Internet companies such as millet and jingdong began to play this kind of hardware.

as the star of the intelligent lighting products, philips hue not only can adjust light and color, you can even through the apple and android client private custom. The intelligent lighting and the launch of its latest software platform can allow the user to switch control according to the scene, both inside and outside lighting connection at any time. And domestic millet in this year also released a called yeelight intelligent lamp lighting products.

propulsion technology integration into the domestic market of

although there are good ideas, but in practice, the LED development does face many problems. Face LED the party, many enterprises rush, the lack of related knowledge of LED products, just think it is ok to shine, no technology, just see preferential policies will want to cash, to produce products can not adapt to the market demand, can only to the side of the road.

as for domestic LED companies, mostly without the core technology, most enterprises are small cottage, cannot achieve long-term development, in the national enterprises involved only dozens of chip and extension, and the chip core parts such as highly rely on imports. This leads to a lack of awareness in the market competition, without brand, without core competitiveness.

in the same way, facing fierce competition environment, small business course, big companies are relying on the scale advantage into a price advantage, such competition is always vulgar, is not conducive to the progress of the industry. market access threshold is low, the quality standard as decoration, make the competition more than cooperation. Make everybody listless, but the market as a whole in the process of slowly rising.

industrial chain of immature is also the key factor. Smart LED, for one, although the idea is very novel, but the existing intelligent lighting system had no unified standard part, from the control platform, control protocol to the light source products have different specifications, lead to products presents a decentralized, the characteristics of the debris.

in terms of control protocol, currently on the market has a variety of, such as wireless networks, bluetooth platforms have apple and android. Not realize communication between them, also did not form a good industry chain, want to develop good future, indispensable is the collaboration between the industry chain.

brand channels and technology integration become the key to the future

too detailed division of the market, make enterprise available resources few and far between, so that they don’t have access to the latest technology, which means that the product quality can’t be the best, will affect their own brand.

intelligent household capital heat to bring more resources to the market and may, for the small and medium-sized enterprises brings new brand publicity, master channel resources and the opportunity to access to quality and technical cooperation. For small and medium-sized enterprises with a certain technical strength to bring rapid development opportunities.

but, this is not enough. This is an immature market, after all, there are a lot of product shape is uncertain. It depends on your product innovation ability, sea situation, find a niche market so as to achieve comprehensive promotion channels and technology, then reverse the global, it is usual the host law of door.

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