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it is understood that in 2014 China’s online education industry upstream scale has reached 108 billion yuan, annual growth rate of 22.5%, the online education category court. Along with the development of mobile Internet applications and knowledge education is more and more fragmented, online education from PC to mobile end become an inevitable trend, but due to the regional and cultural beliefs of education differentiation, it is hard to discern the dominance of online education, it also gives more entrepreneurial opportunities.

recently come into contact with a mobile terminal “learn” education platform, using the characteristics of the mobile Internet, integration of online education resources to the user side. Learn to see the founder tse, engaged in consultation industry for 21 years, in the traditional education industry business for many times, learn to see is separated from the traditional education industry project. According to hunt cloud network understanding, learn to see in June 2013, at first starts from the PC, under the trend of the development of the mobile Internet, mobile education began to market in January this year.

specific to learn to see the App, users can act as teachers and students’ dual role, and provide real teachers and students resources of the teaching interaction. Registered users can “learn” platform to become teachers, can also use the software function of GPS positioning, search around has registered teachers. Learn to see to real name verification and authentication of teacher resources, in order to ensure the authenticity of teacher resources, protect the legitimate rights and interests of students.

learn to see the course category include Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry and other professional disciplines, including arts, food, fitness and interest classes. Whether you are makeup, or master in west point, whether you are an athlete, or culture, or want to practice spoken English, want to learn flower arrangement and so on, the user can DIY your own course, operation process simple and flexible. At this stage, learn to see the user registration, courses, completely free, regardless of the teaching, whether learning, platform don’t charge any mediation, interactive space for free.

learn from watching mainly for two classes of elementary school to junior high school students and senior white-collar crowd. Since elementary school to junior high school students to “one to one” in the field of demand is larger, the white-collar crowd, in the work more hope to expand their interests and hobbies. For collection of teacher resources, learn to see in addition to contact the elementary school, junior high school outstanding teachers, also cooperate with the major training institutions, and made a part of the college students to participate; In the student resources, learn the main through the way of offline try listening to lectures to attract parents and students. Hunting cloud network understanding, learn from the platform in Shanghai accumulated more than 2000 teachers, 5000 students, although the growth rate is not surprising, but has been growing steadily.

learn to see in July, received $1 million in angel financing for the next round of funding, learn to see to consider when planning to do the business better. At present, learn to see the promotion of mainly concentrated in Shanghai, the next phase will be gradually extended to Beijing, shenzhen, guangzhou and other big cities. Hunting cloud network understanding, learn to see has already started to record a teaching video for 10 minutes in length and the public class, the future will try to video teaching platform, will continue to integrate all kinds of course education resources at the same time, the goal is to provide comprehensive nationwide online education solutions.

learn from watching

time: January 2014


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