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enterprise demand for marketing must be mobile and result oriented. The so-called mobile, is that more and more enterprises focus on how to impact on the mobile end to potential customers. Because people’s behavior more mobile fragmentation, and the trend is growing fast. At the same time, the development of digital and web technology can not only make the marketing effect of monitoring technology, and people attention and consumption behavior of random and real-time also let companies expect of marketing focus more on the immediate effects. This effect is not only refers to the sales, also including interactive number, issue number, registration number, and other forms. At present, micro letter since the media promotion undoubtedly become an important option for the various business owners.

happy push micro is to help enterprises through WeChat WeChat marketing platform media promotion, touch of mass in the form of nondestructive user experience WeChat user enterprise or individual, is a aimed at improving the quality of enterprise release information service system architecture. Companies can be registered as a brand, according to the key words, the number of fans, tag, the credit value and order, area and price index selection suitable WeChat from media release information, since the media under the rules of the content and their release can order, of course can also be turned down. In the process of task release, both sides can inform through WeChat, SMS, online status and so on a variety of ways to learn task in time schedule. With the scale of fans and other similar content since the media can also free recommend each other, share the user resources, increase awareness.

founder Huang Lei is a former nokia symbian user experience manager in China, 13 years introduced interactive precision weibo marketing system, in June 14 years online music micro on micro letter. Engaged in the work process of digital marketing services, he often comes into contact with the transmission of the news media business, found that media transmission is repeat frequency of corporate behavior. Micro letter subscription number is essentially mobile media, and since the media resources collection selection and promotion missions require very high communication cost, the enterprise will face a demand, in a more efficient way to solve this problem. And WeChat since the media has a release form a unified, consistent release process, the characteristics of not as different PC Internet portal. With the foundation through the standardization process to improve efficiency of the technology. Thus push launch le micro trading platform to improve the efficiency of enterprise micro letter from media.

happy push micro platform of micro letter from the real fans, media content to the relatively high quality, no doubt be the important parts of the differences with other marketing platform. Good communication effect, is the prerequisite of real interest groups.

in the first place, since the real high quality media resources, put an end to the zombie powder. Selective attention to user fans reading experience from the media. Because WeChat fan base is interested in focusing on the media, is different from the spread of weibo divergent, must guarantee the quality of content, so often there will be the media refused to order.

second, in terms of marketing, pushing micro form diversification, both by message and creative activity, and the enterprise and the media are the real two-way choice, increase the compatibility and efficiency of the task. Enterprises can take the initiative to choose micro letter from the media to promote information release, can also be set from the conditions of the media release the tender task, let the media take the initiative to sign up, and then select the suitable.

push micro launched in June this year, four months has been in the more than 20000 micro letter from media, tens of thousands of enterprises. Push the development in the future, not only want to spread the value, and will deliver value, that is, from WeChat from media platform development to WeChat effect marketing platform, will be products and supply chain of enterprise and good long propagation, combine the community resources from the media.

but the process of development, selection of high quality since the media resources, especially the local resources, it is very difficult difficult. Collection selection requires a lot of manpower and communication. How products and services in the enterprise visibility and readability on balance, not only need to awake the subjective understanding, also need a lot of communication. In the long run or hope professional people do professional thing, is good at writing since the media provide professional copywriting services.

happy push micro

time: June 2014


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