Le flow: music player to Jane


the reason why the social progress, is due to inertia, because too hot, people invented the air conditioners, and fast because of greed, invented the automobile, who don’t want to use one word will get what they want? I think this is not the brain degeneration of the population, and it is the remaining time to absorb new knowledge, continued to explore. I expressed the concept of minimalism, a model of it is the APPLE, all references to leonardo Da Vinci’s motto is APPLE’s design philosophy (rules) : to numerous to Jane. Le flow CEO lv better very agree with this attitude, so, as a music APP, how it is achieved to Jane?

open music streaming APP, found that the interaction is very bold, it almost overturned previous user interaction habits: not a single button! Users only need to hold the screen at any position, express themselves want to listen to the song, or the mood of now, doing, le flow will information to you within 50 milliseconds. Support the song name, artist name, album name, style, any instruction search verse, etc. Decline in album covers to switch to the next, left sliding cover is suspended, slide can share the social network. Shake to switch to English input, search or type.

no song, no list, without pay, man’s field of vision can be infinite, and finally to flow to your notes, this is the charm of music originally, it should not be given any blundering values and business plan, which, like other works of art, is free and pure, connotation, lu better said: “you can see, at present due to too much entertainment content choice, every one according to personal taste the initiative to go to the new song has less and less, on the other hand, the marketing is in a variety of powerful way to brainwash people, the result is each person a year listening to new songs is primarily a small apple, my skateboard shoes, such as the divine comedy, these songs are not the result of personal interests and values, most of them are the results of the marketing hype.”

can be seen from the background of the flow data: 45% of keywords that song is “random”. In fact, when users say, to express is: “although I don’t know what I want to listen to, but you have to choose from that I want to hear.” But as for the current hardware sensor also can’t do that, but flow team has a lofty ideal, lu better tell cloud network, hunting, we assume that the very far future, sensor has very cow force, you can feel all the parameters of the subtle changes, so, in theory, the extreme music scene can be through a large amount of data and complex algorithm. At that time the “flow” will be only one button:/stop.

music flow line 30 hours in App Store music class ranking rushed into the top 50 free, online 60 hours into the top 20. 48 hours to complete the angel round of millions of dollars. Founder lu better started programming at the age of 6, for professional piano education at the same time, in May this year, set up the raven technology, companies, and the other product lines: Project Flow, is committed to interact in a whole new way to human-computer interaction and interaction more fluent.

it is hard to see which enthusiasts can take hours to go to record, music is no longer the immersive experience, it is very sad. Let music die, blessings flow.


music flowCompany: raven technology co., LTD.

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