Layout of the next generation Internet entertainment, perfect in the world have bet on talent training

as online exports represent and across the film and television industry, such as perfect world the development of the next step in where? After put forward the concept of “next generation Internet entertainment”, perfect world is now around the stereoscopic fusion, multi-dimensional present, technology innovation, the global creative layout.

in it, talent is the foundation of the company and industry development. In addition to provide employees with a good pay system and career planning, a perfect world this year also enlarged the concept of talent training to the whole society, and hopes to use technical means to promote the healthy development of the education related industry, so as to realize the continued prosperity of cultural creative industry.

on October 25, the China education international exchange association of professional committee of the education and culture creative industry (hereinafter generally referred to as: wen gen branch) set up a conference in Beijing, a perfect world as one of the sponsors of the project, and active cooperation with other education institutions.

with the domestic online games, animation, film and television industry such as the rapid development of creative industry, prosperity, but highlights the enormous gap of high-end creative talent.

at the moment, online games, animation, film and television industry of global creative industry rapid development, but the talent total quantity, structure and quality related industry in China is far can not adapt to the needs of the development of industry, restricts the rapid growth of the future. Which one of the important factors is that the relevant professional education and enterprise needs a certain gap. Therefore, education institutions, enterprises and society three-way linkage is the realistic foundation.

perfect world CEO Xiao Hong scene, said the next generation Internet technology will have important impact on cultural creative industries, the game will and medical, consumer, education, communication, IT, finance and other more fusion and penetration in the industry, to become the world everyone can enjoy the experience of a kind of happiness, the future of the games will represent a healthy attitude to life. Therefore, perfect the next will be all-round cooperation in education, communication, etc.

this is not a perfect world with education institutions for the first time. Before that, a perfect world with Russian Moscow university, in public health at Columbia University and public university in Singapore to cooperate. As you can see, a perfect world in cooperative education presents the layout of the globalization, this also with the company’s overall international strategy.

Xiao Hong said, the game industry to new technology, new trend is most keen talent, and perfect world has been slow to solve problem of active exploration. On the one hand, a perfect world with domestic colleges and universities cooperation, select talents, supplemented by “perfect future star creative competition” and other unique talent selection mechanism; Perfect, on the other hand, the world is not merely to the overseas market as sales market, also see it as a important intellectual resource and product research and development center, the talent pool, as one of the most important aspects of the deployment, directly imported high-end talent, thereby promoting the quality of the domestic talent.

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