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sometimes in thought, law moved to line up, is for the sake of people more legal rights is easier to find a standard answer on the legal dispute! Ask in your interview law founder ChuZhenYu: he told me that every legal issues should not have the standard answer, even if again small legal issues should be taken seriously enough. Law is more consultation, you want to serve users, it is destined to can’t take the standard answer to elaborate.

but not every legal issues need to be long winded, the PC legal advice has been inappropriate, users need a quick response, and the most efficient Suggestions. The PC service site also stay the same as standard service to look forward to consulting events into diabetes mellitus. Users are not efficient service, want to progress a conversion is doomed to be lost.

ChuZhenYu didn’t choose to instead of legal service, legal ask cut into the mobile terminal is the legal consultation, and they platform first refuse is tiger balm in the form of a lawyer. Professional legal matters that need to be professional lawyers in different legal scenario will dock at different legal scenario of a lawyer.

ask after user registration law, there are two scenarios for the user to choose from, a consulting words, is a kind of telephone counseling. The former for the legal questions scene don’t try so hard, the latter scenario is to hurry to the efficiency of the legal question.

text consultation process roughly: site (local law will push priority provinces and cities, choose classification (labor, marriage, property, etc.), ask questions (with pictures), push. Law to ask is divided into client and lawyer. On lawyers, the relevant expertise problem lawyer will receive a message to remind, vies to answer first (last only three lawyers vies to answer first success) – answer editor (up to 20 minutes time) – client receive answers the lawyer’s question and answer) (three industry – and can continue to ask questions (three lawyers users can ask respectively, all problems can only be users and unilateral lawyers can see news, problem between lawyers don’t see each other).

in terms of telephone counseling, before a few part of the site, choose the same classification, in each category will display the corresponding good lawyer. Users can directly dial telephone, free to consult with a lawyer. ChuZhenYu tell hunting cloud network, in the law lawyer ask platform are they directed invitation, every lawyer is at least 1 to 2 years of work experience. And invite them in time to reach a consensus: “the only real good service users, can have a good diabetes mellitus. This industry need to word of mouth, platform and the lawyer is to grow up together. Not satisfied with the attorney, the user can direct complaints.”

is currently in the law, ask lawyer in not a commission, and the lawyer application side can set the time on the telephone, in the evening or, can choose telephone shut down. The user is completely free to ask a question. ChuZhenYu tell hunting cloud network, many legal platform is exclusive users and lawyers meet offline. Ask law is not to encourage users to meet with the lawyer, light legal problems can be solved online, big legal problems need to solve online depends on is absolutely insane. Purpose is to find a good lawyer for the user, fast efficiency to solve legal advice.

in terms of team, ChuZhenYu saite network system worked at Shanghai co., LTD, as a director of operations. Responsible for overall operating computer welfare lottery project in Shanghai; In economic development of Shanghai dean assistant, in charge of special vehicle project; And did the first book tickets online Movie site in China Movie “Hi”;

co-founder ChuZhenYa identity is a lawyer, graduated from east China university of political science and law, Shanghai jiaotong university on-the-job master reading law. Worked at the municipal public security bureau; Pudong new area, Shanghai personnel bureau; In 2010 the Shanghai municipal people’s government’s Taiwan affairs office.

another co-founder Jian yun xiang, graduated from Shanghai jiaotong university. Worked at apple (China) company, leadership program assistant. Responsible for the company into the overall operations of the Shanghai area.

the law ask the future profit model, ChuZhenYu consider is through a certain amount of legal services in future commissions, as well as the future of the cloud, a law firm. In the future, each platform’s lawyer, can independence from offline law firm. The cloud of law to ask is their virtual law firm, in addition to bring them into diabetes mellitus, also hope to bring good to their personal users reputation.


lawCompany: Shanghai chu gen information technology co., LTD.

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