Late at night and night: the main food to share social applications

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not eat, every day is on the way to eat.

look for food the first thought of the public comment on, looking for food taken late at night, the first to think of? , only in 9 to 5 o ‘clock in the morning is a delivery of food in the middle of the night. It is more doing O2O. What food taken late at night and can touch spark new? To join the social, we see a group of swathes of guangzhou team work: night after night

every night for their own positioning is never closed food community! Sleep late version preferred share food applications. For those in the circle of friends night brush food, night after night can be they try new things.

overall, and night is divided into two big functions: search share food and food taken late at night. Share food is done through social tags. Version is in charge of the surrounding food photos, through share out through image processing filter optimization, nice pictures + label social play has been done for its $20 million B round of funding. Users more thinks of the sun, engagement and loneliness make young people more willing to share things around. Night after night can be as a nice food industry actually, found a group of lonely people to share their food. Between the user can focus on each other, can add friends to chat.

of course gourmet share only through one of the main function. Another big search function food taken late at night as well as the characteristics. All of the food store business hours at least recommended after 22:00. Tell hunting cloud network team. Night after night, if users to share food and store data matching, recommended by all the share about this shop will be present in the store below, but now the store only basic information sharing, involved in trading of subsequent links such as the future consideration.

the whole night mode is: the food lovers together, photo sharing, vertical social, to store O2O all closed-loop service in its application to complete, become a midnight snack food lovers to share and exchange of the community.

and night team focused on between 1985 ~ 1990 age, Li Pu (Leap), night after night, CEO version a geek also belongs to the technology, graduated from wuhan university of science and technology; Winkey, night after night the CTO, programming a great god, and when he looks at the code, please silence; Crazy, through product manager, as the name implies, doing projects is a lunatic. Team in guangzhou, has got personal angel investment. In September 2014, and night IOS version to the app store food better drink classification new application products recommended list.

Company: guangzhou and yi network technology co., LTD.

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