Larry page: silicon valley too short-sighted, few in pursuit of the real breakthrough

note: hunting cloud for a long time, gives the impression of the total stay in silicon valley in the introduction of technology, innovation mode and tell the development of the company, but in recent years has gradually entered the utilitarian too weak cycle mode, few investors to really pay attention to those devoted to the breakthrough technology to change the world for a long time. Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) in a few days ago to accept the financial times in an interview with complaints are put forward. From its current in a series of measures, Google company interested in the new technology research and development to invest more energy.

the following is the financial times full text, from tencent technology:

put down the burden lighter

if 90% of the world’s human job done by robots, and the world will become more happy place? You can buy for $50000 to the center of the silicon valley home? You or your children in the future one day to be able to enjoy unlimited cheap power? Human life can greatly extend?

this page has been in thinking hard about the problem. Page, 41, is Google co-founder and chief executive, he felt that he should be more thoughts fly yourself. Recently, Google has realized the management restructuring, the page has transferred most of the current business to the new deputy, so as to give yourself more space to achieve more ambitious.

this information suggests that the world’s most powerful Internet company ready to search engine monopoly to obtain cash, in the boom of science and technology of the next century. Page said: “now we can already looking to the future prospects for 100, we can solve the most problems facing the current human.” Google in 2004, now from the idealism is put forward for the first time in the past 10 years, Google’s “don’t be evil”, “make the world a better place” and other slogans sounds let a person feel a bit strange. Google’s powerful and rich has provoked resentment and rebound, especially in Europe, there has been an investigation into Google monopoly Internet search.

but still adhere to the principle of altruism and large page ambition, resolute don’t take a step back. These principles and ambitions are page and Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) at the age of innocence. Page said: “our society is still a main goal, we always want to by Google, but I think at present, we haven’t yet imagined success.”

in page view, even if Google’s famous profound mission, integration of the world’s information and make it available to everyone, the atmosphere is still not enough. Page’s goal is to use the search advertising business capital, industry to fund future prosperity, from biotechnology to robots, etc.

batch of silicon valley become myopia

these days, we at Google in silicon valley in the headquarters of the page for the interview, he showed a typical “tentative” personal style, with the most companies in stark contrast to the boss’s decisive confidence. There is no doubt that the management company with 55000 employees of large companies to increasingly exposure in the spotlight, page also let his words are more cautious than ever before. But his ambition and thought extended obviously has not changed, even if has become the father of two children. Page said, he is more and more aware of the many long-term problems, such as education.

page found themselves is a historic moment led one of the world’s most powerful technology companies. At present, the torrent of technological change is threatening or disruptive change brings to the society and enterprises. Google’s goal is bigger than most companies, it will be a lot of money into new adventure, the steady accumulation of funds, now has more than $62 billion. Page said: “we are in uncharted territory, we are trying to find out: how do we use these resources… A more positive impact on the world.”

many Google investors bet on the future for a long time to Google company recently started to become cautious, but this is just the beginning. In page view, it all comes down to a ambition: the world has not enough supply of goods. When in a cyclical boom in silicon valley, it is still source of technology, silicon valley has become short-sighted. Page that no fundamental breakthrough in silicon valley. He said: “obviously there are a lot of money and passion, these things are cyclical. But over the next 100 years, you may not be too care about.”

page said, a lot of money into the technology industry, the latest consumer Internet boom makes people easy to profit. You can create only 10 people of Internet companies, may be there are billions of people using your product. It doesn’t take too much money, but also can earn a lot of a lot of money, everyone like this way, of course.

page, estimated that only about 50 investors in silicon valley is pursuing the real breakthrough, these technologies have the potential impact on life most people in the world. If someone to support these big ideas, no shortage of funds, or technical barriers. Page, according to this kind of technology breakthrough is he pursued, it is not subject to any basic drive technology advantage, but by the trend of ambitious people. Don’t have enough agency found that we did not have enough investment in the direction of government agencies in particular.

engineer thinking work

as to whether should by private companies rather than government agencies responsible for the long term, the most ambitious project of science and technology in the world, the page’s view is that somebody has to do it! This page is an engineer at work. As a computer science professor’s son, don’t like too much internal meetings, page directly into the technical issues. Page, for example, have introduced himself how to make Google data centers to run, he mentioned Google should pay how much electricity problems, even may need to design grid. But that page, as long as the right attention and application, nothing can’t be improved, power grid can be more efficient operation.

page recently visited a start-up companies specializing in nuclear fusion power, he is very enthusiastic about breakthrough technologies to realize low cost energy. Another start-up also gave his surprise, the company can be read by means of visual images displayed people’s mind. Page said: “this is a very smart team, with only 50 million dollars have made significant progress on many issues, but it is not enough.”

Google itself in some areas of bet is referred to as the “peripheral” page, technical solutions, these bets is what is in for some reason failed to attention. Page choose self-driving cars, for example, and the influence of the elderly disease were studied, which was his wife at Stanford university laboratory is engaged in the research topic. Page said: “this is not a very complicated research.” Through the Calico, biotechnology subsidiaries of Google plans to invest millions of dollars into this field. Page said: “we have benefited greatly from the trust of the people, when we say what you want to do, it is believed that we can do it, because we have the resources. “

9/10 computers would take over human work

but compared with the early exciting, technical change now flood started frightening. Early, each bold initiative will get indulgence, just like a doting parents celebrate children toilet paper to draw. Page said: “I think people have seen disruptive technologies, but they did not see the real positive impact. They didn’t see it as a life changing power, reason may be that people don’t feel they are involved.”

as a optimist, think all technology will change the page. For example, he thought that artificial intelligence will get rapid development, computers and robots will be able to take over the human most of the work. Page that 9/10 people will give up are engaged in work today. People will regret losing their jobs? Page said that the development of the technology will make a lot of work is out of date, no need to waste of time. He said: “everyone should work orderly, so that to do and say the low efficiency to ensure work safety, the idea does not make sense to me, is not the right answer.”

page still see another good effect of technology, which can make many daily supplies and services prices fall, deflationary era. Page said: “even if the work be reversed, but in the short term, we need the product cost down substantially. I think it’s important, I just have not been found.” Page says, the new technology is not make enterprise efficiency by 10%, but in 10 times faster, this can let the price down. He said: “I think, can make your life more comfortable things will become very, very cheap.”

the collapse of the housing prices is another part of this equation. With the development of technology, policy needs to change, people get building lands will more quickly. No longer need to more than $100, in the heart of silicon valley palo alto, average house prices will not exceed $50000. For many cash-strapped people, this change is worthwhile.

millions of jobs obsolete, private home values plummet, daily goods prices downward spiral, it all sounds like heaven. But under the capitalist system, through technology to eradicate inefficient must pursue logical conclusion. Page said: “you can’t get rid of these things happen, you will have some amazing economic ability. When can we have engaged in the work of more computer, that will change our view of work.”

wait breaking ceilings

when it comes to policy issues, like many technical experts, immediately page shows a depression. He said: “we are very worry about these things, we hope that we can transform it to come over.” Sounds page seems to have specific idea, he said: “as a society, it very difficult to do something different, I think it is very bad. People haven’t thought of some of the most basic problem, including how we organize, how to arouse the enthusiasm of people. A very interesting question is: how to organize our democracy? If you look at the satisfaction of all americans, it is falling, it was very worrying.”

in order to obtain the ultimate prize of scientific community, Google might accidentally bumped into the restricted the bottleneck for the development of the company. Page often to apple’s late founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) debate, he said: “Jobs always tell me, you do too much. I prefer you don’t do too much.” The page said: “we have a lot of money, we should invest to make people live better. If we only do done before, not to do new things, for me it’s like a crime.”

but idealism has not let the page to realize their own ambitions to blindness. He said: “jobs are right, he said I can only deal with some things.” If the page and Google to win, they have to beat the big companies are complicated in the past, especially in science and technology co., LTD. Page said: “one of the biggest companies are now almost in the same size, of course, this is in terms of market capitalisation. We are taking over all the things you say, but there is no company can do it.”

page about how to break the ceilings, his mind seems to have evolved. Google Google X internal lab first began to try new big ideas, projects including Google eyes and automatic driving a car. Although Mr Lin cheng gradually withdraw from main business, Google page said two people still is a close ally. He said: “we often together, few people can share our experience like that.” To Mr S is the biggest bet, page said cloth s is standing at one end of the extremely important.

beyond Google X, the page is trying to set up independent business unit, the leader of semi-independent front view with the help of Google’s wings to establish more new business. In addition to the Calico, Google has recently revealed that its new move including “smart home” Nest, Internet access and energy investment. In the past 2 years, Google has rise to silicon valley’s biggest venture this.

page, said companies like Google, will eventually developed to which step can be searched without a trace. But if you want to choose a man think that he is able to cope with the challenges ahead, he thought the famous investor Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) very well. Page said: “we are doing a thing to do is to provide long-term capital, patience.” For his age, and still page, etc. But different from ambition knows no bounds, patience can cause problems.

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