Kung fu bears, TCM therapy O2O, standardization of the main door to door service

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with the gradually development of Internet applications, the traditional service industry the Internet become an inevitable trend. Laundry service of all kinds of door to door services, such as door-to-door pick-up (bubble laundry), hair (Vensette), and then to nail (beaver), private service (perfect wardrobe) wear a division, the door of private kitchen chef (love), and so on, different niche in an attempt to service the Internet. On October 17, launched a product kungfu bear, USES the Internet thinking, choose from the massage massage service, based on the mobile platform is a massage, massage the door of traditional Chinese medicine physical therapy services such as O2O platform.

kungfu bear is already the third Wang Run entrepreneurial experience, has many years experience on the Internet. Before start-up of the research found that the traditional massage, the massage physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine industry, such as massage technician due to the owner as a severe, large liquidity causes such as technician low income; And consumers to work caused by cervical spondylosis, shoulder ache, sitting lumbago, such as sub-health state, are reluctant to spend large sums of money to the big store, for the street lined with small massage shop and skeptical, so, from the massage technician to massage shop to consumers, caused by the traditional Chinese medicine physical therapy services industry is not a virtuous cycle. After seeing the pain points and the market gap of physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine industry, Wang Run choice from the massage, the massage service into the market, entrepreneurship kungfu bear again. Wang Run convective cloud network, “kung fu bear USES the thinking of the Internet, industry resources efficiency, introduction of a single user cost cost reduction, door-to-door service system under the standardized standardized, kung fu bear still has great value.”

specific to the use of kung fu bear process, based on micro letter platform, focus on kung fu Xiong Wei letter public accounts in order, and then choose technician, optional services, finally the technicians door-to-door service. Kung fu bear is currently only support Beijing urban services within five rings, based on LBS geographic positioning system, the user after placing orders, ensure the surrounding technician can arrive at the fastest speed. Kung fu bear payment system in micro letter platform, does not support technician cash settlement, cash flow in kung fu bear precipitation, guarantee the service price transparency; Technician service income kung fu bear not to smoke, return all technicians, guarantee the technician’s salary, at the same time make a sense of self-esteem to the technician, it seems, kung fu bear the operation simple and quick, humanized product logic, door-to-door service standardization standardization system can be enhanced greatly. According to Wang Run, kung fu bear android and Ios version of the App is reviewing stage, will be launched soon.

security problems for each sector is the problem that nots allow to ignore. Specific to bear, in terms of customer, kung fu bears background investigation, including customer’s id card, hu kou book, emergency contact information, such as reliable guarantee customer identity; In terms of technicians, each technicians ensure that hold the certificate issued by the state, kung fu bears will interview, training, at the same time the background system can real-time monitor the whole process of service, to ensure the security of each link; After the service, kung fu bears have a full set of user evaluation system, to the plane of the technician service quality evaluation, through a series of measures to minimize the probability of risk events.

doing O2O service, what concept, don’t pull back to the user experience is offline. Physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine O2O service has just arisen, and kung fu bears almost no similar products. Kung fu bears the main standardization door-to-door service, humanized policy layout for massage technician, quality product propaganda, kung fu bear the technician a full refund, kung fu bear adopts the operation mode of the electricity at the same time, users can spend the least money, get a higher quality service. Wang Run, “kung fu bear signing technicians are all full-time services, mainly in high level technicians and experts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) some internal support system, to ensure customer service experience, with the traditional physical store service gap away.”

now, it seems, service area is small, less service category become the biggest factor of the development of kung fu bear. Kung fu is the high-level income white-collar users against the crowd, bear is 99 yuan, 69 yuan of preferential services, 17 products launched, kung fu bear every day dozens of single service, good market feedback. Kung fu bears have contact many investment institutions, are making the next step of the financing plan, Wang Run tell hunting cloud network, “kung fu bear choose cut into the industry is of great potential, after the financing, will focus on marketing and the improvement of the product function, expanding kung fu bear service category, in the future to make value-added services as the main profit.”

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