Kk singing: he’s not mobile version of the story of “9158”

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it’s hard to imagine the beauty, each big live shows are also to work every day. Such groups in KK singing platform distribution of 8000 people, they are unified offline studio sign sign full-time or part-time. Represent and KK cooperation studio has 100 across the country.

show is no longer in those days, the risk of any chip has been banned. Including clothing, including smoking, such as indecent action, each platform has the different standard of the red line. If touch, little is fine, many direct firing. Show industry media attention object: 9158 has started trying to offline KTV, YY recently the YY live live renamed the tiger tooth, involved in the industry live platform.

9158, YY has the sense of smell is not the beauty economy, vague concepts such as category, everyone began to far away from the river at full speed. Turbid water of show or don’t blatantly mentioned. Is still a hangzhou KK singing CEO Liu Qiong entrepreneurs are also speak: I believe that as long as the company survived in this industry, everybody realize a bit, just can’t mess up the industry is too messy, everybody together, push the grass-roots users. Do non-standard, damn all died. KK singing Liu Qiong had previously served as the rainbow soft company global vice President, responsible for product development and operations of its mobile division. KK to rock with early sequoia capital tens of millions of dollars to B round of funding.

KK to rock is the main beauty show at first. But different from YY, 9158, it went mobile terminal from the start. At the end of 2012 in YY has not been involved in mobile terminal, such as window period of KK caught the industry, in the short term also brought a large number of “raging hormones” for the mobile end users. Until now, KK company and monitoring platform, almost everyone can monitor to the host where make taboo, the user’s careless remarks will be monitored and warned. This industry is not so complicated, beauty the signboard, where are applicable. 4, 5 line city workers, migrant workers also need to entertainment, watching live is also a form of emotional sustenance. Not that difficult. But to still can’t see the light too much.

KK started out genes is given priority to with mobile phone, so the accumulation of users are mobile users, so the overall look, KK APP value will be lower than the YY, online is also lower than them. But only on the peak frequency KK is quite high. YY’s peak in the evening, and KK are three peak: afternoon, morning and evening, the reason is that this is caused by the use of mobile phone users habit.” In addition to work is the life of loneliness “state, let this batch of people depend more on KK to rock platform. But after all, KK compared to the singing of users and YY is a product form. So the user group of coincidence degree is high.

but now also get mobile online shows a story, is nothing new. KK made CEO Liu Qiong also understand the ceiling of the online shows a profit. Although it is a positive cash flow of the business, but the outlook is not to people or capital to a big imagination space. So go platform has the play head.

KK is about the story of the live mobile interactive platform. Represent the overall product matrix is: KK + KK live + + KK KK performance tools. KK singing also released the latest version 4.0, interaction is its core, has now realize mobile broadcast, mobile terminal can be real-time aam, forming a group chat and anchor function of circle of friends. In view of the anchor for its single good, a concert, cooperation talent show star industry players.

live alone independence from KK singing KK is KK overall product matrix is important one annulus. But the industry competition is intense, players including density, finally, live tiger tooth, bilibili, etc. Each also signed game anchor in a high price. KK go live is differentiated operation strategy. Attach more importance to live interaction, the overall effect similar to GTV friendly water. Advocate the host and fans real interaction.

KK performance is then KK another important product line. KK performance continued to rock is KK Livehouse live mode, for musicians, live performance organizers introduced interactive online performance, another category KK tools focus on “live APP private tailored” concept. The UGC of open video broadcast platform, namely KK will be open to all personal support broadcast technology, users will have their own live APP.

1 is introduced, and then back to see previous KK only “mobile” story to tell, now launched “9158 live mobile interactive platform” of the story becomes a platform level. Actually products on the technology-driven differentiation are not too big, or focus on the backend products sector.

the host mode of KK rock bring to its very strong positive cash flow, thus denying its live and KK KK overall operating performance. The whole, the the industry according to the beauty economy to first bucket of gold, now has moved away from the river shore. No players on the market to show the economy to give priority to play CARDS, platform into in order for unity to be players to break. and squeeze in netease, bobo want to score a big online shows of money, yet to be tested.

KK singing
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