Killing me! Google smart home open “0 yuan to buy” program

(/horse relief yi wen)

to happen! All intelligent household practitioner should be careful, because Google is free to sell their intelligent furniture products!

recently, Google announced its Nest intelligent household companies, the future will trial operation in Ireland to promote “use contract signed two years, get free Nest intelligent thermostat” activities. Although the us about the details of the plan is still unknown, but the influence of the incident.

want to know, Nest products is not a simple smart home, through cooperation, and other smart products it self-help into family life of the instrument panel. And the power of free enough to still on the sidelines of consumers to join the campaign.

although not Nest claims and their boss (Google) share user data, but this kind of “free as bait, make users, data collection” style of play, and Google is very fit. Associate, the founder of the Nest he birth is one of “the world’s most closed technology company” apple, this “new tactics,” it’s hard to say not Google chuan.

if Google can eventually able to free strategy by extension, so both startup and the existing intelligent household giant will face. After all, Google has sufficient capital support, in addition, the “data in advertising” this door is the most profitable business will also be in a new, more expansive dimension of opened.

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