Ki microphone: wireless karaoke system, relatively independent and integrated into the intelligent household

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“I’m a singer”, “Chinese good voice”, “Chinese song” hit, reflects the market the huge demand for singing love songs. To love listening to the consumer to buy the wireless headset, wireless speakers quite a lot about it, that’s right, also lack of wireless microphones for love to sing with consumers.

cloud network hunting today to bring us a small wireless karaoke equipment – Ki microphone.

catch users like karaoke and stopping with heavy and complicated pain points, Beijing kun plume technology has launched a series of wireless karaoke equipment. Among them, wants to be a car in the studio and KTV room friends, can have a try, to build a mobile KTV rooms.

related parameters

cloud network get Ki small box package including hunting and Ki Ki microphone small box two parts. Its range of UHF frequency: 702 MHZ to 784 MHZ, transmitted power & gt; 10 DBM, receiving sensitivity & lt; – 99 DBM @ 80 db SNR, audio frequency response 40 hz ~ 17 KHZ, total harmonic distortion & lt; 0.3%, the dynamic range of audio & gt; 100 db, and each channel has two variable frequency point, USES the built-in antenna, working temperature is 10 ~ 75 degrees Celsius.

the Ki microphone import lithium battery, with built-in capacity is 2200 mah, the official of the battery life for 18 hours, charging time is 4 hours. Hunting cloud network specially after the battery, according to the official to sign, charging for four hours, and then New Year New Year’s day party, sing a day and a night, power and surplus.

Ki small box is the world’s smallest wireless karaoke equipment, which USES a variety of wireless transmission technology, using the power of science and technology, the wireless microphone, receiver, wireless receiver, effect and the mixer.


1. Connect the power supply and speakers. First connect the small box with the adapter, access to domestic standard 220 v power supply, and then connect the small box audio line connected to the stereo equipment.

2. Start small box and a microphone. Light switch is a key to start, the LOGO lights up, the receiver and the microphone started, convenient and simple. Small box starts, sound box is upgraded to a wireless bluetooth speakers.

3. Bluetooth connection. Can be in all kinds of intelligent terminals such as mobile phone, tablet, or smart TV open bluetooth search, choose to connect to Ki.

4. Use K song software. Mainstream K song software such as sing, goo love cool, I love singing karaoke, K, K song’s got talent, heavenly karaoke support yo. Apple users select karaoke adults or music karaoke.

by intelligent devices to adjust sound volume, to coordinate its size and vocals, and through external audio equipment again, adjust the total volume.

when the K song ended, hold down the small box and the microphone switch respectively, 3 seconds to turn it off. Of course, if you forgot to turn it off, it can automatic shutdown after ten minutes to save electricity.

other function

1. After the connection, can use the microphone and speaker phone, K song music will automatically pause at this time.

2. If there are any frequency interference, small box and a microphone frequency point can be synchronous change.

finally talk about the karaoke experience for, in order to achieve the ideal effect of K song, suggested that choose power in more than 20 w sound. Zero delay setting also always let cloud network hunting trance sound is broken, but the colleagues think singing is very normal.

cloud network hunting advice Ki microphone official, can put the small box integrated into the sound box, expand product lines at the same time, make karaoke only need a microphone, a speaker and then attached to your smart phone, to complete a said go go, go to which K song.

since advice, that is more perfect. Cloud network hunting hope small box into the speakers at the same time, the base can design a power supply cord automatic shrink disk; In speakers can increase an embedded on the back of the portable battery charging, Ki microphone designed to remove the battery type, of course be fitted with a backup battery, let K song don’t wait. Speakers on both sides can have two microphone clip, singing over, can let the microphone is fixed on the box, this is a complete set of sound system.

say hot smart home finally, natural Ki microphone can be integrated into the family, thanks to it can be directly connected to the phone, even if the smart TV, can also be connected. Finally, with the characteristics of portable, easy to not limited to any place in the family, so it is relatively independent.

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