Keep entrepreneurs “double of body and mind health” three types of exercise

when I meet some successful, very successful entrepreneur, or other people, I was always very curious to their fitness habits, there is always a kind of impulse want to know.

time is long, I according to the different function of each type of fitness activities, they are divided into three kinds of different types of fitness activities, each of which provide different services for entrepreneurs.

in before I introduce you to the three kinds of fitness activities, I have to explain: if you think you’re too busy, no time to exercise, you also don’t need to see my introduction; My purpose is not to persuade you or let you use the three methods of fitness, because I also be frightened by this trouble. But, if you are interested in sports, and I hope these three exercise method can help to you.

“quasi meditation movement”

the first refers to the fitness activities have nothing to do with mental fitness activities. Such as running, swimming or cycling.

social entrepreneurs Masami Sato put above the movement known as “remember and ignorance” movement. Meditation is to point to: it allows you to have the opportunity to put all thoughts on an issue, or let your thoughts in a different problem upstream.

in doing this kind of fitness activities, I usually think about one or two questions. It can always make me produce some new and useful ideas.

“don’t distracted movement”

I engage in such activities, and the upper class, by contrast, the effect is opposite. Like many entrepreneurs, I sometimes also unconsciously, will all in his own mind on the company’s existing problems and development opportunities. And when the children go out to play, and go out to dinner with friends, I remind myself not to think what are the problems, but my mind couldn’t out from the silly questions.

when this happens, the result is always very bad. So I must learn to be a can save me from this dilemma, that is to participate in some competitive sports activities, such as playing a football match, 5 people to play football, squash, and even learn taekwondo.

the key is that when you have that kind of situation, it forces your brain to work for the things you did, and give you full of spirit. Because in the 60 minutes to 90 minutes, I have no phone, no messages, I wanted only to steal the ball. It gave me the brain frees up enough space, let me not be beset with the usual troubles.

“restore movement control

don’t worry, I am not keep you constantly remind yourself, I want to lose weight, to fitness, I want to be able to wear a bikini – of course, unless you really want to do. I want to say is to understand, after understanding to “control” of your body. If it is a fitness, then you can according to your own goals, to determine this month should be a few jins fat or thin a few jins.

why “handsome” is very important for entrepreneurs?

although you have your own goal, but in your target besides there are more things waiting for you to do, so you have other plans. This is not only related to your personal, as an entrepreneur, you can’t manage their employees well, find my own shortcomings. Employees choose better work, the market collapsed, investors to abandon your department, Google don’t you free products, these are your failure.

in fact, it’s not difficult to to improve these. But the more you according to the plan, that is also feel not to force, not controlled by yourself.

in the past, when such a thing happened to me, I feel that I do has caused negative influence to the society, I should put the focus on the family. For me, build muscle and lose weight depends on myself. If you can’t do that, without any other reason, you can’t blame is economic reason, responsibility for all on my own.

it was terrible and magic. Finally, once you have learned this and successful test several times, you will find yourself able to completely control the size is so magic! When you can completely control, you can decide whether to put next week should work ahead of time to do this week. (PS: this is the most authoritative book on Tim Ferriss ‘s “body calibration bible.

the above is I want to venture entrepreneurs about keep your body and spirit “double health” some Suggestions.

you may have noticed, I exercise more than once mentioned contribute to a healthy body, cause I don’t have to say more. Intellectually, I know they are very good to the body, but its role is not achieved overnight, may need to be 30 years or more, you can be on the way.

for me, there are two power prompted me to the gym. One is to exercise can bring me happiness, secondly, I can see immediate rewards. For the first, you should choose to pick your favorite activities (not) do you think you should do. For the second, as I mentioned above three kinds of exercise, can let you get instant psychological rewards.


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