Keen: dig medical gold three entrepreneurial dry goods

cloud network hunting note: last weekend, spring rain doctors, founder and CEO’s keen hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses, to open up, big talk entrepreneurial journey. Cloud network editor you finishing the keen hunting three essentials about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs must have a good reference!

business will have to choose the direction

picked gold mine and coal mine, the result of the effort is often different.

“before, people ask why you selected for business direction, to find the right tuyere, may blow out the cow force, said mobile health is his eye poison. Later, found that boast do not have what meaning. But in fact it is also through the result of rational choice.” About the direction of entrepreneurship keen said he decided in the mobile Internet business, and then drew a box, a 三不做 principle.

“the first social I don’t want to do, because of social need to invest a lot of run into, need a lot of resources. And, again want to face the giant now, it seems, judge to be right, also only Momo kill.” “Second, I don’t play games, because the game’s chances of success were low. You come into contact with the game is indeed very cow, is also very make money, but we have no contact with the game is the most complete failure, saw the mesa bright case. Ten games a success is a rare, so I don’t touch the game.” “Third, pure tool classes that do not. Application of pure tools market is too thin, not too high barriers, too easy to kill.”

“finally, chose the two directions, one is a medical education , look from the size of the market, the two direction is a huge space, may be I grew up in the environment of the hospital, so I chose the latter.”

popular audience members

from pain points cut into the market, I saw a piece of gold? How to dig?

“I have just made a survey on the spot, if you ill will to do, some choice is to ask friends and relatives, some choose to go to check on the net, but it’s up to the choice of carrying! Wait for healing! Waiting for their body good!” “Why will appear this kind of circumstance, because, as you know, go to the hospital too hard. The main reason is registered is too difficult for young people would not have enough time, so had to settle.”

“mobile medical market, need most is what? How to solve such “self-healing” demand, you can see how they see the market (market opportunities, so the light rain interrogation pattern was born. Professional doctor visit, which solved the numeral, and solve the problem of the so-called self-healing too hasty.”

light see the market opportunity to use, must be able to find the breakthrough point of the access to the market and the path. Advantages and disadvantages of realize. So the size of gold mine, if I were all heard much good? Before have this desire, first of all, find out a problem, first under weigh whether to have this ability?

“just have the audience ask, only do special light, why don’t you do something else? In fact, we also want to do something, but overall measure of medical market, we can do at present, and the best also can guarantee is now do.

market opportunity are many, but realize the advantages and disadvantages of themselves is very important, centralized management is very important, in the case of the existing team and resources, how to make their best ability is the key, blindly forward usually leads to bad results.

change the thinking model to do

reverse thinking ability is very important, sometimes dig the road too long, change the way perhaps is to see a new world.

“do medical considering the patient’s normal thinking, we see there are many products on the market is to build around the patient, so the need to consider the doctor will have a better play. You can now ask a question with our products, ensure there is a doctor at once. Why are there so quick order efficiency? Because we did a system, but all the doctors’ leisure time, deserve to go up again reward mechanism, the doctor’s enthusiasm is very high.”

“there are 4 a doctor online, are all one card scrutiny after three certificates, and mobile phone IMEI code binding the doctor answer end, ensure the quality of the doctor, so that to better serve patients with users, word-of-mouth can instead from the other end to attract more users.”

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