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it is well known that traditional industries, the Internet has been the trend of The Times change, the real estate is no exception. 2014 was the year of change of real estate industry, under the condition of the overall economic slowdown, the descent of the real estate cycle, such as HOME LINK, vanke, longhu, many offline real estate agents and property developers choose transformation test in water property O2O, and depth in the Internet and the real life is in the process of combination, the real estate market a structural entrepreneurial opportunities.

in August 2014, on WeChat public began trial operation “kan home network” aim is the housing O2O market. Kan, home network is a real estate group O2O platform, focus on provide high qualified users online real estate deals and property evaluation service.

founder Paul peng wang during the period of school was a well-known MMRPG domestic cup winner of the game “world of warcraft”, after graduation, successively in longhu and HOME LINK giants, such as real estate industry on the Internet and the combination of the real estate market has its own unique opinion, Paul peng wang convective cloud network said, “because of the ten years before the domestic economy and the particularity of the real estate market development, caused the current situation of domestic real estate transaction link information opaque, along with the property transactions to markets that buy a house, seize market opportunities, structural kan home network with the power of the Internet to build housing market trust mechanism, the real estate transaction information transparency and openness.”

kan home network team

cloud network hunting experience, kan home network to provide services to real estate deals and property evaluation. Kan home network strictly the user traffic entrance, the first real-name registration will certification, and set up personal credit files, and to respect the privacy of users, kan home network refused to disturb others by unfamiliar telephone harassment, only in the case of user approval will provide the corresponding group purchase information and property assessment. According to Paul peng wang, users in the process of group purchase only in online operation can also, don’t need to attend in person, and kan home network provides the price will be cheaper than the price on the market the most 20-30%.

at the same time, kan home network is independent of the real estate developers and home buyers between the third party buys platform, kan home network building CePingHui, from a view of a third party gives a detailed assessment report. Hunting cloud network understand the assessment report to contain complex situation review, project review, door model introduction, area is introduced, and the environment, price and sales six major parts.

Paul peng wang convective cloud network said, “kan home network began to strict screening of buildings, can form a complete information classification, have actor bad reviews in each classification; Ensure information 100% true, all the data for the real data from the field; Contains a large number of developers would not say so it is difficult to find on the market information, such as building around the faults, real-time monitoring of the real estate sales prices three major characteristics, aims to provide users with a professional guide that buy a house.”

kan home network community promotion

at the moment, and kan home network “real estate deals O2O” mode completely almost no similar platform, and with a few developers self-built housing transactions online platform existence very big difference. Essentially, developers self-built trading platform is your brand information display, can’t do big customer traffic, and kan home network positioning is a third-party service platform, can realize the estate big customer traffic; And room, room more than all over the world, kan home network is a startup company, users are more close, the adjustment of the service scope can achieve rapid extremes.

according to Wang Pengshui, “kan home network customer service team or from the lake and so on well-known enterprise hired to industry experts, or from the 211 key university campus elite recruitment. Have experience in the industry to ensure our data and evaluation can be close to the user requirements, the people received a good education and has no experience in sales service users, can make us more close to “consulting services” rather than “sales”, at the same time, our channels development experience and the concept of group buying can guarantee platform building dish group discounts is real.”

cloud network hunting, kan home PC web site has not been set up complete, is currently based on micro letter the public to provide service. Look from operational data, kan home network clinch a deal the conversion rate can reach 50%, in the absence of marketing, has completed hundreds of property transactions. The author thinks that, kan home network to provide professional services to not only stay on the market price level, the user can from the platform to provide real estate evaluation information in full measure the value of a house. Thus, kan net biggest value lies in offline trade more standardization, so as to greatly improve the matching efficiency of the market.

at present, kan home network building trade concentrated in the Beijing area, later will be gradually extended to the area, has successively for union medical college hospital, China mobile, industrial and commercial bank, the nuclear group of companies such as worker organized real estate group buying activity, clinch a deal amount has reached 182 million RMB. In Paul peng wang, good service staff recruitment and training speed become kan maximum limit factor in the development of home network, but kan home network have the angel of the famous investment institutions (hunting cloud network of short duration is not convenient to disclose the investor and the investment amount), and the future kan home network around real estate deals O2O main line, to attract more real estate marketing talent, makes online operation is more beautiful, offline services more specification.

kan home network
Company: Beijing east king real estate consulting co., LTD.

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