Kakao with South Korea’s second-largest Daum portal to complete the merger

October 2 news, according to foreign media reports, South Korea’s second-largest Daum portal and the first big mobile application provider Kakao has complete the merger, formed called Daum Kakao’s new company, the company’s goal to become the industry’s leading “mobile platform” of life.

two companies merge agreement in May this year, the merger took almost four months. After merger, Daum Kakao will make full use of its contents, technology, business development and service expertise and experience advantage, to “new connections, new world” as the goal, gradually transformed into a mobile platform of life.

the new company will be composed of about 10 teams, each team size will vary according to their respective business properties. Daum and Kakao merger, Daum Kakao the new company’s shares will be held on October 14, officially listed in Han Guoke nasdaq trading.

Daum and Kakao original two chief executives: Daum Cui Shixun and Kakao Li Shuoyou will share the helm of the new company.

after the two companies merge to form a market value of 10 trillion won ($9.5 billion) of the company, will also be on the portal site of Korea ranked first Naver caused great pressure.

Li Shuoyou said: “the number of people in the world, information, things, processes, and so on are isolated. We hope to create revolves around relationships and object-oriented new way of communication, usher in a new era.” (west)

source: netease science and technology

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