Just $25 per month, Jukely provide unlimited concert tickets for you

a music from New York with a startup StubHub and other ticketing network. The start-up called Jukely, users only need to pay the $25 to Jukely per month, can enjoy unlimited access to the city’s concert.

“we want to know how many people are willing to pay for the money to buy the service, $100? Not at all. Fifty dollars? Or it’s too expensive. Then we asked whether they would be willing to spend $25, people seem to be tempted. Music technology conference in San Francisco, in a crowded room, co-founder of Jukely Bora Celik his team how to think of the concert mode has made the description of the order.

Celik is an engineer, at the same time also is a concert organizers. He had such as Kaskade and DJ Tiesto together many stars concert. His co-founder Andrew Cornett application was designed, and the raise of collaborative launched Kickstarter campaign.

Jukely from satellites for hatching of the 2013 New York station plan, when it as a music verifier. It USES the algorithm to determine if your be fond of music, the match like the same music of users, and then recommend to the user that they are willing to attend the concert together. Now, the app claims to have 27 million users.

in early October, has carried on the seed round the start-up, the members to take part in the financing of AngelList Maiden Lane, Amol Sarva, investors and similar services, such as warner music’s predecessor, the general manager Alex Zubillaga angel investors, financing totalling $2.5 million. With this round of the funds raised, Jukely create a subscription service and will promote the service to other cities.

just $25, users will be able to all kinds of concerts at random order, it does not seem to is a profitable business. But Celik thinks that the service can bring a win-win situation. He pointed out that Jukely and concert organizers are to profit by selling the rest of the music ticket, otherwise the tickets only wasted. And Jukely like music ClassPass (ClassPass is a gym membership card, it connects the all good gym in New York, let you one card to all over the gym).

however, on concert listing you can’t find Taylor Swift and big names such as Lady Gaga. Jukely is hope that through this way to fill the vacant seat of the concert, at the same time for people to understand those just beginning not full band. Celik said his team will review artists, then their names will be added to the concert schedule for the user to choose.

users need in order to enjoy the service after verification. The service is under test, you need to wait in line to register, prayer is selected as “early adopters”.

Jukely currently only 17 in New York venues to provide services, but we learned that Jukely will soon enter the Los Angeles and San Francisco.


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