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cloud network hunting note: recently, founder of hunting cloud network editor jun attended the grand 2 habib gb from 16 years since the first public media. Dormant for two years, 2 habib gb with users more than $500 million, $1 billion valuation of a strong into O2O WiFi master key. Communication meeting, in the face of more than 800 participants, from personal experience to the future vision, 2 habib gb to open up, and said, in the coming year will provide more than 30 support O2O entrepreneurs.


In 1998, 2 habib gb take family hu kou book, run a lot of government departments, finally even on the Intel knight, opened the door to another world. During this period and at the same time on the Internet and ma, ma, li, lei jun, etc. Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, silicon valley, little city of flame, and Internet began to fire in the earth.

16 years ago, the cost of the Internet two hours a day is enough to run out of a monthly income of ordinary workers, at the same time, 2 habib gb advent of the Internet and get the chance to change destiny. Chen jia old fun, often secretly surf the Internet, one is two hours, spend a lot of, and working-class parents pretended not to know, this for a long time to let him very guilty.
Years later, Chen Fu asked, “why your brother can earn so much money, you are smarter than others? You are the most intelligent that?”

“is certainly not the most intelligent person!”
“You are harder than others? You are the most hard person?”
“Than we have a lot of efforts.”
Chen Fu said, can’t deny your hard and smart, but more should be thankful that you had a chance of a lifetime.
On December 18, 2014, 2 habib gb from 16 years held in life the first conference, theme: sometimes, you meet chance, sometimes, the chance to meet you.

he said, pointing to a picture, if there is no Internet, I might be like them, is also a young trousers covered with mud.
Just as important as what he means, and opportunity and effort.


the first generation of programmer 2 habib gb, forget all about eating and sleeping make up China’s first billing software, give a person free download to use, also started the road to free software development. Then, he met a tall bloggers on high chunhui, together with a programmer to write E-mail xiao-long zhang became the annual top ten. The former witnessed his billing software, and the latter do product — WeChat and his WiFi master key download now sitting in the same ranking list, a second, a fourth.

li, lei jun, large screen projection xiao-long zhang these familiar names, 2 habib gb said, the first generation of programmers to today achievement, I am one of them, but these are just a by-product to seize the opportunity.


sometimes, you meet opportunities – to the world is full of curiosity, he met the opportunity, founded with brother Chen tianqiao shanda, since then, young rich become a billionaire. Many people mistakenly believe that 2 habib gb is a game player, in fact he is generally play games. Now, he was more keen to reality in the “game” — tai chi, no matter cold summer, he will try to adhere to. Tai chi said he didn’t believe there is so much energy, until he really insist to practice found that slow is also a kind of power.

so he decided to WiFi master key rhythm slow, fast, for the user experience, not necessarily is a good thing. As a result, that’s right!


a friend who do operation for 2 habib gb, tencent’s total station to help promote the ans only 200000 downloads a day, WiFi master key pushed downloads a day, 170000, is too much, should take the time to liquidate! Another to be the friend of capital operation for 2 habib gb, WiFi, master key performance listed conditions enough, why not listed?

conference debut on the same day, had only 200 seats, but to the more than 800 people, under the bright lights of forehead is full of sweat 2 habib gb said with a loud voice, as for the four listed companies, have no special desire to make money, to do something meaningful and have feelings are more important. For example, he said, when the investment as a starting point for discovering this site has a lot of authors and readers, the authors write very hi, readers look very hi, the problem is loss of dying, but finally gave up, he felt that this sort of thing is a very have feelings is very meaningful.

other people’s feelings are lip service, 2 habib gb feelings expressed in action, when he announced that the 2015 free WiFi access master key O2O service providers and the merchants of value 3.65 billion yuan flow, applauded!


2 habib gb said ma has 18 rohan, I have 36 will be, the opening press conference, he put a team of you and your family, there are 35 people, left a photo, is his own. “Thanks to the team, created a $1 billion valuation. They have no choice now, and I do a meaningful thing together.” Under a audience in whispered, 2 habib gb is a little outfit?
With youth benchmarking? I said, it isn’t.

a detail is, he is the first public private micro signal, at the time of interview, 2 habib gb worried let colleagues to help through validation, add him too much, he didn’t want to neglect any one of my friends.


buddhist 2 habib gb in the circle of friends often bask in affection, supposedly children, already successful, why?

virushuo his former colleagues in a recall shanda innovation of article praised him, and at the end wrote: today is probably the last time I go to zhangjiang, very sad. Had left innovation school without too much feeling, probably because has been also activity in the neighborhood. Just don’t have a chance to go after. Today see old colleague also in innovation of a tee shirt, feel special kind. Regardless of the outcome, once that we struggle together day or very nostalgic. Specially to drive around used to place a circle, went to see the innovation school site, dark cuisine street, pick up to the place where the two cats, guo welcome banquet’s legendary square to us… A lot of memories. Let’s get together one of these spread, hero in goodbye.

2 habib gb hosted by shanda innovation courtyard has become the past, but now it seems is the layout of the forward-looking. Employees have 2 habib gb 2 on the side of the road, words, wine wears bowel, who has outstanding knot.

is only 36 years old of age, it is just a classmate young, have longer.


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