Judgment: a support platform and WeChat team collaboration products

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this is a judgment team collaboration products, 2, 150 people oriented team to provide small and medium-sized enterprise task management solutions. The products cover the iPhone, Android, four client Web and PC, and support the latest micro enterprise development and access to the letter.

team badad tell hunting cloud network operations director, by now at least 56585 companies choose to use their product as team collaboration solution. The whole platform and support the mobile terminal is its product advantage.

in the judgment, users can create, check with your related tasks, could track the component group to complete the task allocation and effect, as a whole, the current judgment in this focus more on task management into enterprise collaboration. This support for small and medium-sized enterprise team, judgment task management, team communication, announcement, attendance, examination and approval, and other enterprises cooperation ability, larger window also supports WeChat enterprise development. WeChat enterprise is WeChat besides subscription and service oriented toward the new office people’s exclusive, badad tell hunting cloud network, the current issue of the first judgment this as WeChat enterprise partners, technology can give companies 3 minutes to take them into the era of WeChat office.

team, founder and CEO Zhang Jifeng who have served in huawei and tencent, has ten years experience in telecommunications and the Internet industry. Have been engaged in mobile terminal product planning, a former VOIP, WAP, contacts, and so on a series of mobile phone QQ product manager. Create Dremaix 11 years.

group CTO lee 玹 former tencent, successively in the enterprise IT department, data platform and customer service as a development and management; Operations director badad also served tencent, leading product operation team successively support Qzone, tencent, SOSO and other products, such as the content of the operation work. The core team members of our team are from well-known Internet companies such as huawei, tencent; Which owns 3 to 7 years experience in large and medium-sized projects.

judgment and not a team first startup project, the team has done a snail television video, snail, social products and anonymous strangers friends. Do judgment this purpose is also the team itself demand, initial stage is also based on user feedback do products constantly grinding, on average every two weeks iteration a new version of + small run close to the users.

now do teamwork market also calculate schools of thought contend, have Worktile, md, Teambition, Tower. Im, V tribes, Moxtra, etc. Recent youdao cloud notes also officially opened the youdao cloud collaboration, from individual cut into the enterprise application markets. Although numerous enterprise market players, but badad said, the more competitors, represents the enterprise market, the more easy to accelerate change. At this stage, makes its own products to meet change is the most important thing.


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