Jolla to refinance $12.4 million, says he now live well

Jolla (former partner “successor”) is a newly formed the Finnish company, in order to build open source platform running the sailfish operating system, it opened up a series of financing activities and greater success. Recently, the Jolla declared complete B round of funding.

Jolla’s spokesman said the funds raised $12.4 million, but did not disclose the specific investor. He said that nearly half of the money comes from Europe, the other half come from Asia.

Jolla has received millions of external investment, including the long march from Hong Kong, China, the company has invested $1 million, accounting for Jolla a 6.25% stake in the company.

so far, Jolla total funds of $42 million. Spokesman added that now need to start C round of financing, the aim is to expand business and to expand it to the world. Now its devices are on sale in Europe, Asia, recently added two markets India and Russia.

Jolla is also looking for strategic partners, especially want to engage in digital content providers and e-commerce cooperation between enterprises, since the Jolla considers both the most can see of the platform developed by its appeal (although this platform can not compare with Android and can’t pick up Google Play).

Jolla Makia with Finland Rovio and clothing brands, to promote the Other Half of brand mobile phone back cover, and also can pass the photo scanning push relevant commodity information for the user.

the CEO of Jolla Antti Saarnio in some new financing comments said in a statement: “for a start-up company, it is a considerable investment; But for our mobile operating system project, which belongs to the investment is small. Our team of more than 100 people in a very short time and limited resources to create a world-class operating system, and many large enterprises have tried to use at least five times the number of resources to do the same thing. Swordfish operating system is ready to expand to the world, and we are looking for the right partners to join swordfish operating system project.

he said that cooperation with the enterprise users is an important point in the development of Jolla. “People think we are a equipment company, but in fact, 90% of our energy is used for software development, is to establish a swordfish operating system. There are many devices in the world focus on hardware business, but we has always been a core software development.”

in addition, Jolla is implementing a new program and called for the masses for their investments. Last month, in order to build a platform to run swordfish OS, Jolla conducted a Indiegogo financing activity.

a few hours, this activity is to raise $380000, to achieve the initial set of goals, from more than 13000 supporters and continue to raise more than $180 — to achieve the goal of two unplanned: one is to support the micro store users will be expanded to 128 gb storage capacity, the other one is running two programs can be separately display at the same time.


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