Jobs garage is myth, wozniak said only two people meeting place

silicon valley legend of history, and is related to the “garage” one by one. Apple’s first apple computer, allegedly also born in the jobs family garage, the garage was even as the local historical and cultural relics.

however, apple co-founder Steve wozniak out, says the jobs family garage, are not so important in apple’s history, the history of the garage status has been “myth”.

in October 2013, jobs died two years later, jobs’ hometown of local history and culture committee believes that the jobs family garage, has major historical significance, will serve as a protected historical relics.

jobs’ home in silicon valley LosAltos crist road 2066, the historic garage, appearance and other garage no different. In the legend of apple, Steve jobs and Steve wozniak, two people in the garage for “brain storm”, finally invented the first generation and second generation of apple computer, rewritten the history of human calculation.

however, wozniak said recently that in apple’s history, the jobs family garage is not as important in legend.

apple co-founder Steve wozniak

wozniak said in an interview with bloomberg businessweek: “that’s a little godlike garage. We don’t have to do a design in the garage, no breadboard, no development prototype, no planning products, manufacturing products there.”

wozniak said the jobs family garage is the place that he met with Mr. Jobs often, but just so.

wozniak said: “the garage did not play a role of too much, it just makes us feel a home, we have no money, when you have no money, always need to get out of a place like home.”

according to the history of apple, Steve jobs and wozniak in April 1976, in the jobs family garage set up apple, jobs are only 21 years old at the time.

in order to set up the apple, jobs and then as a friend wozniak sold the most valuable things, jobs sold the minibus, wozniak sold HP brand scientific calculator, two people raised $1300 in total.

unfortunately, did not go to the end, two people disagree with Steve jobs, Steve wozniak later away from apple.

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