Jawbone product incoming, intelligent bracelet exactly which is strong

hunting cloud network November 6 (word/Morse good)

today early in the morning, silence for a long time of Jawbone hardware manufacturers, released their latest intelligent hand ring, officially known as fitness tracker.

in the past two years the capital market to boost, the concept of wearable devices are not very difficult to make technology research and development of intelligent bracelet become entrepreneurs to plunder the treasure of all companies, hoping to gain the base areas, with small cardiac big trend.

so smart bracelet exactly is a what kind of products? What is the difference between various products and with potential? Hunting cloud network will do a detailed inventory for you.

about the intelligent bracelets

with the development of science and technology, intelligent equipment for the center with mobile phones to attack humans, as another emerging group of science and technology change life, the intelligent hand ring also continue to embody the human eye. Although relative to mobile phones has a deep mass base and the historical precipitation of intelligent terminals, smart bracelets seem a bit small, but the momentum is powerful indeed, now has caused many heroes of science and technology, intelligent bracelet has become the IT industry for another highland.

what is smart hand ring, which have influence on our lives? As the name suggests, the intelligent hand ring, as a smart devices not only does it support activities, exercise, sleep patterns, such as nutrition but also can record, have smart alarm clock, health alert, etc. Through this wearable intelligent device, the user can easily record the daily life of exercise, sleep and eating, such as real-time data, at the same time, the data synchronization with the iphone, the device and the ipod touch, through the data to guide the healthy life.

since born smart bracelets, each manufacturer is to research and development, now is not hundred qifang but it is also in trying to outshine each other. Then the following by the small make up to introduce a few typical intelligent bracelet.

1. The Jawbone UP

as established intelligent hand ring, Jawbone UP released by the famous manufacturers Jawbone bluetooth headset and speaker.

this product since 2011 because of the battery problem is consistent by consumers and cut over media criticism, released in 2012 after UP2G version, sale price is $129.9. Through the built-in precision motion sensor, the UP users are recorded with a powerful algorithm including age, gender, height, weight and movement distance, calories, activity time and other personal data.

the integration of engineering and design products specifically designed in order to adapt to our way of life and custom bracelet in robust and sturdy. At the same time, the Jawbone launched in September this year the UP application, the user can search for health and fitness data from a variety of electronic equipment, including apple’s iPhone and Google Android Wear equipment.

Jawbone today released the latest fitness tracker again: UP3 and the Up Move. UP3 fitness bracelets for $180, using a set of sensors, to monitor the user’s heart rate. This set of 3 axis acceleration sensor consists of a new type sensor, bioelectrical impedance sensor, and the skin and the environment temperature sensor, etc. These sensors can track user resting heart rate, Jawbone said this is a measure of the overall heart health one of the key indicators.

the Up Move sells for $50, is an entry-level fitness tracking devices. It has a function and use of the components is the most basic: equipped with a accelerometer sensors, can track steps forward, exercise time and consume more calories, and to provide user some of the basic situation of sleep.

as usual, neither monitor or other pointing device.

2. Gear Fit r350 intelligent bracelets

as the mobile phone industry bosses, samsung has developed its own gear fit r350 intelligent bracelet.

this bracelet body using arc design, a 1.84 -inch superamoled arc screen resolution of 432 x 128, bright and clear effect even under strong light has a perfect embodiment.

stainless steel metal edge to make the product unique fashion sense, there is a charge at the bottom of the interface and the heart rate sensor, frosted texture make the skin very comfortable. And it’s cost is reduced from 1999 to 1999 yuan.

2. Millet bracelets

this July 22 afternoon, millet company’s annual conference, as the second paragraph of millet millet bracelet products.

the wristbands in part by dow corning TPSiV material, at the same time with ultraviolet UV resistance, antibacterial, corrosion resistance and other properties, good flexibility makes the wearer feel good. As intelligent hand ring, millet has recorded every day walking distance and the function of the heat consumption, at the same time, according to the user’s own set, bracelet to encourage users to complete a daily fitness plan.

at the same time, the millet hand ring also has reminded not call function, when the user’s mobile phone calls have not been able to connect, the bracelet will be in the form of vibrations and flash to alert users to call. In life, because is equipped with low power consumption of the bluetooth chip and an acceleration sensor, millet bracelet with 30 days for long life, is ordinary band 4.

it has waterproof IP67 level level users don’t have to worry about in the shower. For customers in price, it is priced at 79 yuan, it will continue its high ratio of performance characteristics.

3. Splash bracelets

as the first portable wearable devices based on baidu cloud development, plump hand ring main “sports situation remind”, “sleep”, “smart silent wake up” three big functions.

the combination of baidu cloud band movement can be recorded in the data summary to baidu cloud in real time. Through traditional hardware interact with the new technology (voice, gesture recognition and eye recognition, bone conduction technology) combined with cloud application service, infrastructure, product ability tend to migrate to the cloud, cloud services, more screen cloud synchronization is used to realize

see intelligent bracelet growing ranks, exclamation of the magic of science and technology at the same time we feel his hand ring anaemic.

1. Appearance convergence

although now smart bracelet army from strength to strength, research and development of domestic manufacturers of similar products and abroad like twins, aesthetic design also gradually converge to foreign products, which makes intelligent bracelet more homogenous in terms of appearance. Similar to the appearance of the user feel fatigue, can no longer feel the new idea of science and technology.

2. The data are not allowed to be

the purpose of the intelligent bracelet is to collect real-time data, including individual movements and fitness to provide reference data for the user. But in reality, the bracelet, the monitoring intelligent doesn’t make them feel satisfied. The deviation of the data for some users lose confidence in the product.

3. Break through the limited

since born intelligent hand ring, not enough breakthrough in terms of functionality. Although have been developed to generations, function or step gauge and sleep. For heart rate monitoring function, although have been proposed, but have not been able to implement, this makes the need to keep the freshness of user losing purchasing power, also makes the intelligent hand ring building.

as a result of the limitation of technology, the intelligent bracelet is still on the function to do more tricks. On the appearance of industrial design, with too much to take care of electronic design breakthrough, smart and bracelet or line and treasure. This is the dream to change the world, the involvement of the hardware industry entrepreneurs need to be aware of.

hardware is a technology, industry chain limited extremely strong market, many functions are not now hardware practitioners, but technically not reality. You need to think about the difficulty of hardware technology, and what you can place to the location.

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