Japanese company research and development of the world’s first cheerleaders robot

murata manufacturing co. Is a focus on smart phones and other electronic products research and development institutions, the institute announced recently developed the world’s first robot cheerleaders.

murata, the bottom spherical robot and can be displayed through the ball at the bottom of the movement, moves its built-in gyroscope will help the robot to balance

at the Tokyo show, of ten robot round, square, or heart-shaped phalanx, following the popular dance music.

in an interview, murata manufacturing, vice President of the island on the said: “the robot condensed the variety of cutting-edge technology, hope to be able to let everybody see computer medical treatment and the prospect of this energy. They are little girls, but they also show their ability.”

from the crooked to the harmonious unification of formation, the control technology can be applied to automobile anti-collision systems, and automatic driving technology, the achievements of sensors can be used for wearable products, like many vendors now and technology companies are developing smart watches.

cheerleading robot by ultrasonic microphone and the position of the infrared sensor to share each other, the central controller signals by robot, to control it, so that the unification of the dance. Murata manufacturing are with researchers from Kyoto university for apple and other smartphone manufacturers to provide technical support.

murata manufacturing technology is applied to the balance between the early robot: as early as in 1991 and 2005, respectively, introduced to ride a bicycle in the two robots “murata boy”, in 2008, launched a “village field girl”.

the island on a said at the same time, in a small robot with a built-in so many sensors, is to want to show that they are not just for other smart smart phones and mobile phones to provide spare parts manufacturers, they can provide a whole set of solutions, can provide the whole different task modules for mobile phones.

murata cheerleaders robot about 36 cm tall, but not show only a robot products, Japan’s softbank giant group called Pepper human robot plan sale next year.

but murata said, they don’t have the planned sale of the robot, it would have been focused on the development of its core technology. Cheerleaders, says Mr Island is to the market shows that the company’s technology, after the cooperation with apple and not fully prove its ability.

cheerleaders robots are made of metals and materials, the hair is using a sponge material, the company also imitate reality real cheerleaders, specially prepared two spare, if there is a broken, you can replace it.

Source: WSJ

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