Jack ma, the most want to see people – how Shen Ya entrepreneurship

Core tip:

Shen Ya along the way, help for his success is the largest commercial sensitivity, strong execution and low-key life style of doing things. In his own words: “a lot of people want this and that, indecisive, I’m sure is dry”.

doing the rounds in electricity factor group is a words: “Shen Ya is the most want to see Mr Ma electric merchants”. And more than one, according to the electricity, “could you please to Shen Ya, is to determine an electric business activities of a standard”. Is known as China’s electricity Vipshop founder of the legendary dark horse – Shen Ya, billionaire, but rarely in an interview, everything is a mystery about him?

you must have heard that advertising: “product will be, a website for sale”. But is such a web site for sale, in 2012 successfully listed on the nyse in the United States, and only for 1 year time, share price is over 5 times. Now Vipshop has become almost shares in the “big winners”, from the initial listing of more than $200 million in market value, to now, the billion-dollar value of Vipshop took only a couple of years. Vipshop success will surely create a new legend of china-related shares market value rises. Total market value has been roughly 10 dangdang, second only to tencent, baidu and qihoo 360, become China’s fourth largest market value of Internet companies. Vertical electrical contractor will only product is “vertical launch”. And as chairman and CEO of Vipshop, Shen Ya rarely media interview, almost not to participate in the BBS in the cause. Shen Ya said, “the share price and performance are closely related, the other is empty talk, everyday appearance, on CCTV is useless.” Say less, do more, this is typical of the wenzhou businessmen character.

thinking in upstream along
Goods will be established before, only Shen Ya has two startup, but had nothing to do with electricity. Him with a thick from wenzhou merchants temperament, business password is their career.

the start-up stage, due to the higher positioning, Shen Ya HongXiaoBo and his companion was seen as “goods”, like water to Paris to buy all kinds of luxury, return can not sell out, all the backlog in the warehouse. Buyout way and the few orders let Shen Ya suffering. After three months of calm thinking, when understood the mode of “positioning too high” in China “and” indeed, he decisive adjustment model, the “luxury” sales promotion quickly turned to the direction of the middle-grade popular fashion brand, focus on how to make better supply chain of clothing sale. Vipshop ran all the way after that, trading volume has doubled, the team has also increased from 25 people the earliest to the present more than 3000 people, also by the country’s 80 square meters warehouse expanded to more than 40 square meters by the end of 2013.

Shen Ya the keen market sense of smell and strong execution has been throughout his business process. In the face of adversity to calm thinking, to have a certain goal will not hesitate, and drive to go to sit immediately attitude, believe that all the setbacks, to success that could be turned into a kind of power of our success.

talk less and do more obsession of
Only 2012 products are finally in the United States listed on the nyse, but due to the downturn in the stock market only when the product will be listed not only zero profit, also suffered losses, even at the time the media called “listed” bleeding.

“what to do he wants to do, will not be affected by this,” this is when Shen Ya facing all sorts of questions only one response. Shen Ya insist on his own way, trying to find solutions to his “at 8 PM every day after work, eat dinner, chat with my family, from 22 PM to 1 am, basic is sitting in front of the computer.” In order to reduce costs, improve margins, made of pure scale into the extensive expansion of fine management, let Vipshop successful counterattack in the crisis, for profit, and in the second year of the listed a net profit of $52.3 million, reversing losses of $9.5 million before success. “Shen Ya more willing to do, and not willing to say more” Shen Ya years partner HongXiaoBo evaluation. Talk less and do more, avoid by all means a snobbery, put an end to barb, is not only a good habit and attitude, is also a lot of successful Shared characteristics.

to seize the opportunity to quietly go on
Only products are not particularly unique flash sales model, the initial small and very low-key, ali giants such as didn’t see it as a rival. This gives it crazy growth opportunities. It is said that in the early established Vipshop Shen Ya rejected the venture funding provided by the government, so had been kept a low profile. Earlier this year, will acquire happy bees net, finally realized the fashion and beauty makeup industry advantage complementary strategy.

in May this year, only product will be released quarterly results, has realized the profits have soared. Results data after the release, second only to the shares of tencent, baidu, qihoo 360, as China’s fourth largest market capitalization Internet companies. The billionaire Shen Ya light response: “success is still young, but has been on the road, persistent dared to there will be a harvest”. The more successful people, the more low-key life model; The more to low-key person, can the more at the time of key to achieve. Savings in low profile’s strength, the whole, make its become the cornerstone of the road.

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