Jack ma and lei jun in common: they are caught “the dream silk” group

cloud network hunting note: recently, zhuo group chairman, PPTV founding partner, with island adjacent TaoChuang in “2014 global CEO conference” development, share the ma and lei jun the success of their own development path, said ma bell to nasdaq said these words, the growth of the enterprise not by individual, by a people’s war, and lei jun millet in the global ranking second only to samsung, apple, millet is not an agent, however, there is no nationwide distribution, no store, does not even have a salesperson, model of millet and counter attack prick silk. TaoChuang think, lei jun go ‘way and Mr. Ma exactly the same, all adopt the strategy of “the rural areas to encircle the cities”. Any industry finally mass purchase. Push back 10 years, China’s overall prick silk market.

here are TaoChuang share point:

I want to talk about the Internet, I begin from 98, a net themselves in charge for three companies, service enterprise, at the time of Microsoft. The first enterprise to do 3 d company. The second is PPTV. The first company I do now is to know zhuo network.

jack ma listed after sent our friend circle in the first day of a photo of bell in New York. I think the world is not likely to repeat such a thing, so I think Mr Ma is an example I heart to learn. I begin by Mr. Ma. The listed on Wall Street are very big challenge, it is very big, not Mr. Ma’s market value, but on the day of the bell, we can’t find jack ma, ma sent eight characters, eight people bell at that time. Mr Ma told the Wall Street is one thing, the enterprise’s growth is not rely on individuals, by a people’s war.

alibaba founder jack ma

let’s take a look at jack ma, a history of success, jack ma, the whole development of four stages. The first stage, when I felt by the mainstream non-mainstream purchase goods. Was originally taobao 1998, Mr Ma is established in 1998, China’s network environment is poor, when a bunch of college students, also can connect to the Internet’s prick silk, to find you can’t buy things online, bargains, called non-mainstream crowd, students mainly, these people buy alternative products.

the second phase, when the non mainstream grown to 5 to 8 years, graduated from college, begin to marry and have children, they have formed the most powerful social a bunch of white collar workers. This is Mr. Ma very big turning point, in 2005, this was the time of listing baidu and tencent, become a mainstream non-mainstream buy goods.

when mainstream non-mainstream buy goods on taobao, is the mainstream of commodity suppliers themselves begin on taobao. Previously on taobao are a bunch of prick silk, at sixes and sevens, influence my brand image. As the mainstream Taobao, the mainstream commodities have started to enter the taobao. This is in 2009, started to enter the mainstream goods taobao. After the goods into the mainstream and non-mainstream people more hope on taobao to purchase, the price is cheaper. Until 2011, becoming the mainstream crowd began to enter the mainstream products, all form the platform on taobao.

we look at the development of the timeline, actually taking what is a line? Farmers will be able to code a route of surrounding the cities from the countryside, as the change of population age structure. You know when alibaba to profit? In 2011 began to profit for the first time. Although alibaba (shares) in the past two days began to rise, its earnings history is not more than 24 months, burned more than ten years in front of the money. This is alibaba the development of four stages.

Mr. Ma’s success is a prick silk become mainstream society after 80 and 85, to get it to alibaba and taobao occupy a line. Taobao market share of 85%, the day the cat is now 56%, is the industry’s NO. 1. I bought some original ma listed, the last opened up to 98 pieces, I still buy into, out at the beginning, and now rose to more than 100 pieces. Recent results come out, quite beautiful.

I want to share one thing is population economy. I was working at Microsoft, Microsoft was watching the industry layout, main is to see people. Any industry, finally the public’s purchase.

if you push back 10 years, China’s overall prick silk market. Here today to see, the next stage in the next five years to 10 years, where China’s consumer class is, we must take advantage of an opportunity to seize the consumers.

The chairman lei jun


look at the second example, lei jun. Lei jun last week announced plans to enter the next round of financing, millet valuations at $10 billion, the results for this round of internal financing, lei jun now claims to be in the $50 billion, that is 300 billion RMB, lei jun is not listed yet now.

millet has now become China’s mobile phone market in the NO. 2, the third in the world, second only to samsung, apple. Lei jun is not an agent, there is no nationwide distribution, not the total distribution, no store, not even a sales personnel, the company was a prick silk counter attack.

learn these prick silk, this is our problem. We are a well, there is to see what is the public demand. Present here today on phone, samsung or apple, otherwise you think have no face, must take apple Iphone6, samsung also have to Note a few. But China mobile group six currently, a large number of Chinese mobile population using shanzhai phones, China is the world of shanzhai phones all the time. Lei jun to nothing but shanzhai mobile phone market in the first place. So, the path of the lei jun and Mr. Ma is exactly the same path, and rural areas to encircle the cities.

just mentioned, a population economy is all of us want to find a very important thing. Thinking is very entanglements, why now do you think the Internet is because we fell into a well, don’t know what outside people use.

2014 for all of us to a very big opportunity, and is the first year of the mobile Internet. Ma said the mobile Internet in their staff meetings are the real Internet. We want to jump out of the mouth of the well, look at what consumers need.

the mobile Internet is now the PC Internet more than 10 times, the future mobile Internet market in China is 3 to 5 times, in the United States and China really want out of a global company, in the mobile Internet. From 1999 to 2000, PC investment at the time on the Internet in the field of investment reached a peak, and the future mobile Internet will be more than PC Internet investment scale, although now a wave of mobile Internet hasn’t arrived yet, but there is a chance. The Internet economy in China by the year 2013, we see the top three Chinese rich are Internet companies (BAT). Mobile Internet scale by 2025 will account for nearly a quarter of GDP, China must be based on the Internet as the core enterprise in the future.

what refactoring in the face of the Internet thinking? Traditional enterprise before the spell is very hard on yourself, such as the bund took on a plot of land, real estate is absolutely true. I also opened a shop, the bund, there are many people, however, to sell anything to make money. But today, after everybody in that shop, may look at things, take a photo, clean out treasure to buy above come back later. So, you had the advantage of instead become the biggest obstacle, because before drainage pattern, now does not exist. Used to play channels, now Internet channel is transparent.

we see refactoring mode, the mobile Internet create two modes: the first is the O2O, online is the offline businesses go. You see a massive transformation of suning, including the transformation of wanda have started offering O2O mode. The model you are basically understood.

the second model, let’s sleep may be more. The Internet has given rise to a new business model, the business model may be overturned the minds of everyone. Ten years later, what you still have no chance to sit in the room to attend the meeting, may play a question mark.

traditional pattern is a supplier, brand, looking for distributors, primary and secondary agents, then give to the channel, the traditional linear model. A lot of people understanding of the Internet is a tool, it is a tool, of course, but the penetration of the tool to produce a new model. If is a tool, just WeChat, surf the Internet to do a website, do a App, your transformation must be a failure.

how to understand the Internet? Should be a kind of new marketing mode. In the Internet, no longer have the concept of party a to party b, we put the draw with traditional chain upstream and downstream of the model, a circular pattern. Before I live, control the upstream downstream fool, upstream prices low, make a difference among them, this is the traditional business model. But the Internet to draw it, not the concept of party a to party b, and the core is really the final consumer side, the real mass as the commercial mode at the core, the top priority. Understanding of users, to serve the people heart and soul as the core task. Your products, all of the service not to cheat for the principle, or the mobile Internet company will shock you.

motion founder wang wei

I two examples, one is the transformation of traditional enterprise case along abundant express delivery. Express is a hard work, give you something to carry, is the traditional pattern. Motion to do one thing, now industry caused great controversy. I personally very bullish on this model, the idea is too right.

motion found finally put the things sent to your home, from the first floor to the sixth floor is too time-consuming, time-consuming, I put something in your area doorway stores (hey), you are helping to put things after work. I take things, along with inside a community who bought something, small stores to tell you that in this village, this week, what is this day’s best-selling products, users have convergence, like to buy. Now along abundant small stores put a large amount of virtual goods, but esau qr code, can buy directly, can be directly sent to you.

motion not only sell goods, tickets, air tickets, hair, wash clothes came up, if you have a very senior management of upstream and downstream, did think about a way to make your enterprise seize the entrance, directly form more core competitiveness. The final motion not PK logistics company, so it can abort all the other logistics companies, because it captures the entrance.

hungry? CEO Zhang Xuhao

to see a, today if not transformation, you will be other prick silk counter attack. Prick silk, the establishment of a company “hungry” user is the same as the basically with millet, today’s $300 million capital investment it recently. “Hungry?” is a Shanghai jiaotong university students out of the delivery company, Shanghai minhang campus commercial is not developed, general restaurant not willing to send, so far, still can’t find, so they go to fix, at jiaotong university students turned into mainstream customer groups, and then a market a school play. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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