IT industry behind where business schools: enterprise internal operation of the “video”

video and the emergence of the Internet has fundamentally changed the mode of communication within the organization. Technology companies, these should be the first to master the communication technology group, is now reference to traditional university video usage patterns.

video platform in business the role of more and more obvious

the technology industry are never respect academic ivory tower. IT practitioners have long believed that, due to the change of science and technology changes with each passing day, issued by the university computer science degree before graduation, we can no longer prove the ability of the graduates. Business schools pride themselves on an MBA is relaxed for the teaching of the leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and more about students’ theoretical knowledge and the rhetoric skill. After seems to cultivate university students into the society really need ability difference “.

technology never respect the profession, unless, that is, academic circles than them ten years ahead.

in the past ten years, video technology fundamentally overturned people’s communication. Video conference and podcasts for business communication cost reduction and effective communication distance is greatly increased. Ironically, really realize the video business value is not any one technology company, is the university instead. In fact, the university is used in a decade of video scheme, and has only recently been business enterprises.

Panopto is a project of Carnegie Mellon university ten years ago. The project is to start with mass against university lecture records, management, and the role of the search, as the project operation, Panopto gradually became the multidisciplinary integrated video information sharing platform and a new idea.

as like Panopto higher education innovation and development of video platform, produced a great growth in the field of commercial demand for video platform. Companies are discovering that video platform can very good collection, sorting and distribution of knowledge and information about the business enterprise inside. Similar Camtasia, Brainshark and KnowledgeVision these off-the-shelf software, make enterprise can easily record internal integrated media library, multimedia display and input for the use of enterprise employees.

there are some companies even developed their own video management planning. Microsoft’s spent $6 million to build his internal video knowledge sharing mechanism. Despite the high expenses, Microsoft says the platform to save the cost of $14 million, to raise the platform of return on investment is up to 560% of the miraculous.

Experience of the university of

one of the most fundamental purpose of higher education is to make the educatee has the talent market need skill, to make their students in personal ability and intellectual growth of mastering the technique of work need to be at the same time. In nearly 2300 years of history of higher education, the teaching method of Aristotelian is people education method of benchmarking, until recently, a new start to let people see better education results of scientific and technological achievements.

nowadays, universities tend to take their recorded lectures and courses, more fully activate the students’ subjective initiative, enhance the interaction between teachers and students, improve the communication between teachers and students system, provide distance learning and so on a series based on the application of new technology. The new application of remarkable achievement. In a classroom with video record of the course, grade point average to be higher than other, without pass rate is low, even the traditional vulnerable groups, such as the English speakers and disabled students with the help of these new applications produced better results.

company application video relative university of

55% of employers across the country are hoping to hire to high technology talent, but it is difficult to find a truly talented, they are generally at the same time, the technology industry’s unemployment rate down to 3% of incredible. For many companies, the technical gap is the biggest threat to their sustainable competitiveness and enterprise growth. Such gap leads to their employees to obtain greatly increases the cost of the enterprise internal knowledge, and understanding of the project is generally low.

instead of fighting with other enterprises in the talent market, enterprise decision-makers should learn from university and use their successful video platform model. Video platform is likely to be spread knowledge, sharing information, the best way to train new staff.

believe that companies will gradually to seize this opportunity, the application of this platform.

video, let your company from you one step closer to

this year, 85% of American companies are expected to record more than last year’s image data, at the same time, employees will also watch more video at work. Research firm Cisco’s report shows that 76% of the executives to use video once a week to get information, including 40% of the executives want to see the video data every day. Gartner Research predicts that by 2016, a large enterprise staff average spend 16 hours a week on the video data, namely average per person per day with 45 minutes of video resources.

the enterprise application of video is the progress of science and technology and the combination of human nature. Than written content to users, video is more attractive, more intuitive, more rich expressive, more accurately, to convey information. Video can be activated more part of the human brain, in order to let people focus more attention. A new generation of smart phones, cameras and video software to make and share the video is becoming more and more simple.

from the classroom to the conference room

this conclusion seems to sound a little crazy, but that is the case, the university as early as 10 years ago, has adopted the knowledge and information sharing mechanism based on video. Today’s college a genuine giant video sharing platform. The Essex university, UK, for example, they last year produced 80000 hours of video, Arizona state university in the United States is on average every learning week output 3000 hours of video content. The high and new technology industry, in contrast, runway, struggling to make 1000 hours of video, high value is obviously far behind with the university.

in a certain sense, the university is no longer just by professor theory to business knowledge, but the immediate practice what they teach. The core of this brave practice is based on the video sharing management techniques. With this technology, the university can use very little budget computer and camera equipment to record the campus high valuable information. Countless educatees benefited from it.

by any individual terminal for academic information search, search and watch function, students can be better prepared for their studies. The widely available materials, for the enterprise, is used to pay to use.

now, companies found that they need to learn the institutions of higher education’s experience in this field. University and the enterprise chooses the software and systems may not name, but its reach function is the same.

enterprise income teaching and training materials, university of knowledge acquisition.

enterprise video will be distributed to employees and offices all over the world, call it remote education college.

employees through the video to share ideas and get exercise, college students through the video to share knowledge.

enterprise product presentation and for the record, the university record of the laboratory and workshop.

enterprise play display content in advance to prepare for the meeting, the university also by the same means to prepare for the course.

the practice of early enterprise application video platform to get the real interests of the harvest. In the design of the electronic learning plans and half after the training course of network, the IBM saved $579 million in two years. Siemens PLM Software by recording staff meetings are greatly reduced the production cost and time.

video technology company through the new staff training cost greatly reduce the training cost and time. As NYSE Technologies, former CEO, the chief executive of C – Suit Stanley Young, began with the introduction of micro video to promote the enterprise internal communication and information sharing.

in the use of video sharing platform, the IT industry’s genius is slightly one step behind than scholars, but the situation won’t last very long. Special video equipment and the commonly used smart phones, laptops will greatly expand the content of the IT industry in the video library. In the near future, query the video will be as easy as using Email or Skype, and training new employees will also complete video. Video sharing platform will be under the same daily tools in the market place.
In some cases, the business community is also can learn something new from the ivory tower.



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