Israel into fertile soil, innovation technology companies such as baidu beat layout

(word/qing nan)

it is well known that Israel’s global ranking first, innovation ability in recent years has also spawned many technology start-up companies, unlike silicon valley companies such as the pursuit of bigger, most will get cash by way of selling. During this period, most of the investment funds earn big surplus. This case, the domestic many technology firms are also the investment and to find new projects look this miraculous land.

today, Israel Carmel Ventures, a venture capital company, announced that its Carmel Ventures IV funds have been companies such as baidu and China’s ping an $194 million investment. As is known to all, baidu’s investment mainly concentrated in the domestic market, the strategic investment by investment fund is for the first time since the disclosure.

Carmel Ventures IV funds of funds will be used for investment start-up technology companies, including enterprise software infrastructure, data center, big data, network security, financial technology, digital media and consumer applications, etc. So far, has been PlayBuzz, LuckyFish games and technology providers for the other three companies for the investment.

browse through data, in addition to the baidu and China’s ping an, qihoo 360 in early 360 to Carmel Ventures funds invested about $10 million. According to reports, Carmel Ventures now manages more than $800 million in assets, 35 companies invested in.

for baidu, 360, in mature funds not only can be achieved through strategic investment income increment, greater imagination even introduced into China, the high quality project of grafting and mining by means of the follow-up cooperation more space.

in addition to Carmel Ventures won favor Chinese companies, there are also some other fund investment by the Chinese company, which include:

1, in the past years, engaged in financial services and private equity industry chung king group into Israeli vc fund Pitango Venture Capital investment of $15 million to $20 million.

2, qihoo 360 to another Israeli venture-capital funds also prominent Venture Partners invested.

3, lenovo group has to at the end of August is attached to the vc fund Canaan Partners of Canaan Partners in Israel for about $10 million of investment.

not only that, Chinese companies are actively directly involved in investment in domestic start-ups of Israel, for example, in July this year, China’s venture capital fund SAIF (SAIF Partners) to participate in the application of Israel the supersonic advertising (SupersonicAds) totaled $15 million in financing plan.

ping an and China’s broadband industry funds are involved in the Israel advertising software company Iron Source initial public offering (IPO) in front of the financing, the financing of $85 million.

millet and to invest in August last year to participate in the potential recognition technology company B round Pebbles Interfaces of $11 million.

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