Israel, do not want to do giant “hematopoietic library”

although Israel’s high-tech has been known, but in people’s mind, this is full of innovation soil has always failed to produce persistent technology giant enterprises. Now, however, the situation may be about to change.

according to the tel IVC Research Center data, in the second quarter of this year some of Israel’s development to late financing technology firms raised $447 million, compared to the same quarter the previous year’s total money doubled. Generally speaking, the volume of more than ten million is called a has grown up in emerging enterprises. The mature development of enterprises in the last quarter won 48% of the total investment amount in the field of technology, is IVC has recorded the highest in 14 years of a quarter. In early 2013, 13% of the investment to the development of technology enterprises financing to late.

the CEO of IVC Koby Simana said: “Israel enterprise development more and more good, more and more companies set up their own industry status, and Israel became a emerging enterprises gathered.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers (accounting firm), points out that in the last quarter of 65% of the venture capital of Israel have voted for startup after several rounds of financing. Have a small local celebrity start-up, for example Mobileye, the company for the unmanned vehicle design a software, and, which is used to design websites. Do better in the technology industry companies to encourage entrepreneurs persevere in the face of hardships, Israel and allow investors to support these entrepreneurs through investment. On July 31, Mobileye to the amount of $890 million public offering to become the largest in the history of U.S. stocks Israeli startups IPO case.

prominent Venture Partners investment partner Gadi Tirosh said: “the confidence of investors will with Mobileye Israel, Wix and Cyberark is enhanced by the success in these companies, but we can’t forget those self-made Israel company contains huge potential.”

Source: Bloomberg

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