Is the driver is also a nanny, safe transportation Shuddle for parents to go anywhere

Shuddle is a parents for their children to arrange a taxi transfer service applications. At present the service has been officially land in San Francisco, Florida, etc. Shuddle very promising, it is known as “children Uber.”

so far, Shuddle from Accel Partnership, Foreruner Ventures and Comcast, etc. A total of $2.6 million. In addition to providing children like UberX, Lyft and sidecars transfers a taxi services, Shuddle driver is more of the role of a nanny.

very coincidentally, Shuddle happen to be a co-founder of the by sidecars Nick Allen, he organized a nearly 20 individual enforcement team.

to set up a company of inspiration sometimes due to the enthusiasm of the individual or the pain suddenly burst. Sometimes the market tell you build a what kind of company. In Allen’s case, he is not a parent, but he saw a lot of families use a taxi to pick up their children, especially in San Francisco. Then a widespread article appeared in time magazine last year, the title is “mother’s baggage is called Uber.” It is this article inspired Allen founded a company.

although is reference for Uber services to a large extent, but Allen points out, for children a taxi service has many special point. First, the children take a taxi service requires insurance, and this is many taxis application also does not have; Second, the driver must be adult; Third, must have the third party intermediary intervention, long-term monitoring mechanism.

Shuddle do those. The children can go to school by bus, sports, go to a good friend’s home, shopping, or any other, busy parents have no time to take them to the place. Like Uber and Lyft, this can travel car drivers have; Additional insurance provided by Shuddle.

parents give Shuddle only need to pay $9 a month, and with each of the taxi fare, even so Allen pointed out that also will be less money than a taxi. Shuddle, unfortunately, is not a preach to service: the family must have one day in advance to a week to arrange car plan.

driver must want to have to take care of the children’s experience, a thorough background check even before mount guard, and accept the professional personal training. Due to these requirements, the company’s 100 drivers before “al” are women.

“human factors is very important,” Allen said. “Yes, we just made a application, but the service object is urgently needed to be solved for parents the most pain points.”


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