Is more interesting than the company, new nokia just released two new accessories

in 2014 ifa conference has just ended, nokia has a few very interesting new accessories and two new the company mobile phone photograph echo – a leisurely can show the wireless charging pad and a notification will phone wirelessly share the device to the TV screen.

the nokia this pad, the official name of DT – 903 wireless charging pad, it is like other pad works and the principle is the same: turn on the juice and then connect your mobile phone can start wireless charging. It also has a very cool place: when bluetooth connection with mobile phones, in the mobile phone has a message to push, pad automatically light screen. If your mobile phone in charge, and you stay in other places, if you need to shows the cell phone has a message, it will be a very practical technology.

another is also very practical: it would be appropriate to remind you need to recharge the device. If put in my pocket of mobile phone is in low battery state, pad vibrate remind you need to recharge the in front of the phone. The pad with Qi wireless charging standards, can apply to any intelligent models, but we can’t determine whether light push for non – the company mobile phone screen is applicable.

there is a very magical function mirror screen equipment, namely the company mobile HD – 10 wireless screen sharing. It is only the size of the ice hockey is a black circle, can on TV via HDMI connection, and be able to play any content on the company mobile phone screen. It has the NFC (near distance wireless communication function), just click the connect the phone’s screen could have finished the process of mobile phone is connected to the TV. After connected, we can by sliding the phone’s screen synchronization to share photos and video on TV.

this “projector” also comes with a black NFC (near distance wireless communication function), the size of the device like a poker chips, you can put it in any position of the room, through which you can by clicking on the cell phone to connect to TV set up. This means that, from now on, you don’t need to go up into the hands of the TV set to match your equipment, the equipment used in the meeting is more convenient also. Through such a wireless connection, for example, you can more quickly paired device, in the meeting are need to be in on the big screen to display the contents of the can quickly realized.

this is quite similar with apple mobile phones and apple TV, but nokia device does not include such intelligent function and cloud service. But the good news is that nokia this projector is more cheaper. Nokia forecast starting later this year at $102. However, the industry is expected to set a wireless charging board at about $78.

it is important to note that current converter and pad of IFA technology conference in Berlin and new nokia 735 and 830 at the same time the company appears on the company mobile phone the company.

source: CNET


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