Irish “Mr China” : hardware is loading software in the box

development cycle is long, slow market, distribution channel is not smooth, hardware company who can make a diagnosis and give treatment “disease”? PCH company founder and chief executive officer Liam Casey (Liam Casey) is an authentic Irish entrepreneur, 18 years ago came to shenzhen, created the PCH (PuChengHua information technology consulting co., LTD.), whose clients include apple and Beats Electronics, etc. Let’s look at how liam Casey winning!

liam Casey said: “China has a huge consumer electronics market, the rise of local brand association, millet is the best support!”

liam Casey never read a book about China, also won’t speak Chinese. But the Irish entrepreneurs in shenzhen to create a company has 5000 employees, whose clients include apple company, he won the nickname “Mr China”.

liam Casey’s favorite cities in Asia is in shenzhen, but he has been to the first Asian city of Taipei. Business in Taipei, he quickly established with commercial ties between the dongguan factory, and products are mainly concentrated in close to the shenzhen dongguan.

in Dublin at the “2014 global network summit”, liam Casey in an exclusive interview with advice, want to go to China to seek the development of the enterprise, might as well bold, brave and enterprising. He said: “China is formal state, hospitable. Chinese people are very hope interpersonal interaction, and attaches great importance to interpersonal relationships.”

liam Casey said the company often received a call from all over the world, they all claim that want to expand the market in China, but do not have a clear purpose, or purchase, or sale, or do other business. Do not come to China is the “wide net, many fish”, be sure to keep a clear positioning, focus on the goal, otherwise can fail. At the same time, must have the smooth distribution channels and good business partnership.

when it comes to shenzhen, liam Casey think shenzhen, though different, and San Francisco, but it is also a vibrant city. He said: “in San Francisco, is construction everywhere, this represents a city’s energy and the future, the same is true in shenzhen!”

liam Casey even quoted in shenzhen as the most dynamic consumer electronics field guide innovative city, San Francisco, is still the best innovation enterprise incubators. But he doesn’t want you to create the company’s best cities to do too much reading.

liam Casey explanation way: “in today’s business world, important areas such as time. Can’t say cork, Dublin, New York, San Francisco, shenzhen, Hong Kong or Singapore in a city which is more advantageous to start a company. The different sections of the different geographical position, strengths. From shenzhen at 8 am to 6 PM in San Francisco, because across time zones, a total of 26 hours, in this time period, different regions in the different phases of the business activities.”

hardware is packed in boxes of software

PCH liam Casey founded the company, was founded in 1996, is headquartered in cork, Ireland, with offices in San Francisco, and shenzhen. It operates “end-to-end” supply chain, mainly for the startup and fortune 500 companies to provide customized production solutions, and established in San Francisco in 2013 years is called “Highway 1”, a subsidiary of hardware accelerators development project began.

by the move, liam Casey want to help more hardware startups succeed, and Shared his entrepreneurial firms want to some Suggestions on the development of roots in the field of hardware.

“hardware startups need a thorough understanding the practicability of the products, and to create the best user experience. Technology is ultimately in order to better serve the users, and easy operation. Future, hardware device is but a box filled with software, which is the key to the box not only has the best software, and the most beautiful appearance. Therefore, the design of the hardware is very important.”

in and Tim O ‘reilly (Tim O ‘reilly) at a symposium on wearable technology, liam Casey, for the product inventory financing is courting disaster. “In the beginning, the need of working capital, once entered the stage of scale, you need to reasonable design of supply chain, to prevent adverse impact on working capital. After products, before reaching the hands of customers, don’t stall at any stage. If the product in the warehouse, will produce a lot of cost, so if possible, try not to have in stock.”

product time to market halved

liam Casey also reiterated that the United States still is the best market hardware startups to release a new product, or success or failure, are based on the existing mature investment network.

investment group in silicon valley is very powerful, investors have created great companies like Intel, Google, and their confidence, for the risk of investment also has a deep understanding.

in general, hardware company’s product development cycle is much slower than software company. Liam Casey aware of this, are trying to use hardware companies from product development to enter the market time, reduced to six months. He principle is: the more hardware companies to fulfill commitments, will certainly will drive the confidence throughout the supply chain, upstream from the downstream customers to investors.

liam Casey added: “confidence is more important than money or any other things, as long as there is confidence, some stone into gold.”

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