IPhone 6 out of stock, the charity also take “apple goods”

if you have already accustomed to sleep on the street, might as well go to the front of apple store to buy the iPhone 6 has its place in the team, because after that, someone would be willing to pay you a small fortune to buy your line position.

recently, Britain has such a charity Depaul UK – they get occupies the top position of the iPhone 6 purchase team, the auction on eBay, to raise money to help homeless youth.

creative is a sweet charity auction behind. This project is to “regent street in London team in front of the apple store in the front of the plane” for auction. Win the auction can get their queuing location, as long as they always wear before into the shop, Depaul UK T-shirt. As of last week, have received 58 bid auction position, bid amount up to 41000 pounds (approximately and us $67000).

personally, we really don’t understand why someone overnight camping outside the apple store to get an iPhone 6. At the same time there are many ways to buy it on release day, instead of crowded so to wait. Or that sentence, fan’s mind you don’t guess, guess to guess you don’t understand.


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