Iot toy DynePod, teach children the programming thought of teachers “box”

the U.S. air force space designer to design the toys, job-hopping seems truly unusual DynePod the networking toys. Trade.we programmers to grab from baby, DynePod let children play with toys, while using the learned technology is designing a new toy or add new features.

never questioned at the Massachusetts institute of technology graduate students and Dynepic co-founder Krissa Watry toys for creating networking efforts, to know Krissa Watry before worked in the United States air force. She is the chief engineer design space hardware manufacturing, and she is also responsible for assist the satellite launch. However, the design of the hardware of the space is only a stepping stone, she realize her dream Krissa Watry real dream is to become an entrepreneur.

Krissa Watry said in an interview: “go to outer space is a really cool thing, but frankly I think the development of a consumer products – this can change the life of people is my more beautiful work, the dream is like an alarm clock, I’d like a wake up every day is the power of hard work. Create Dynepic is, as it were, the dream of my life, and of course the before mentioned to develop consumer products.”

in 2011, the Watry quit his job in the aviation industry, established her own product design firm. DynePic originally designed products focus on the fitness products, and now have the original design centre of gravity is deviating, Watry and her co-founder has turned to “hard” design centre of gravity is completely connected to the toys.

Watry said in an interview: “I think children should have an infinite wonderful future. I hope I can help them, arouse their potential. Toy is a tool to motivate myself to grow, that is why I want to enter the field of engineering. Is different from other women, since I was young, I like some neutral robot toys, and this affects the other things I like.”

Dynepic present task is to design a Watry toy called networking products (also called IoToys). This is called open platform product can through the way of open API will all kinds of toys and all kinds of digital cloud service network together. IoToys Dynepic development plan to develop fully concentrate on the education sector – Dynepic want to let the child play with some toys to develop some technical entities, programming skills, and these toys will network programming interface to a tablet, children can make their own programming to design the function of the toy. IoToys can download information from the website to let the children give full play to their programming ability.

Watry said: “I am an earlier contact like Ninja Blocks and Smart Things of this kind of Internet technology and Internet technology. I will think of development of networked toys because no one has the real technology and toys together. You know, the children now have long contact technology. They seldom go to question technology, is more curious about its function. So we began to consider whether we can use technology to education child?”

Watry co-founder has had experience in early education. Because of Watry technology, and she, co-founder of experience, this makes the national science foundation in 2012 and gave them $200000 to support. In addition, the south Carolina research association also provides $50000 in funding.

in addition, Watry added: “in order to achieve the IoToys design concept, Dynepic always persevere in the development of its own networking toys (called DynePod). This product has been officially launched on Kichstarter, it aims to raise $30000. If Dynepic company has the financing, it can be design prototype into reality, let the children toys can be used to this kind of network, and using it to design their own application. Dynepic company will use the financing to solve production cost, child safety tests, by the federal communications commission certification and complete a series of problems such as cloud API.”

DynePod toys and high-tech technology combine together to form a learning tool, but this way is not a precedent. In fact, in recent years we have seen many of these children friendly programming toys, such as Kano with Raspberry Pi of DIY computer, and the one is called Tynker application can let children learn to programming. This kind of product and there are many, in this will only give two examples. Although let the child by playing the way is no longer a novelty, but to help the future programmers, engineers, improve skills, stimulate the potential of the mission is still a long way to go.

when I mentioned the counterparts in the field of competition, Watry also frankly: “this area is now competition is very big indeed. But most people would pay more attention to the design of the programming function, such as Wonder Workshop and before Play – I… Tinderbots and LittleBits. Our focus is and they have a little different, because DynePod itself is a self development equipment. At the same time, we are also trying to establish a fully open platform, in this platform, all the toys through the wireless security can be networked together, users can also download the cloud content, such not only can connect users and toys, will also be user with cloud services network. In addition, parents also can download some related to their children to study and the content of the children are interested in.

so, the problem is here. What exactly is DynePod? In fact this is a small box of bluetooth network, the developers in the top installed a LED display, inside is installed in a series of sensors, so DynePod can detect the movement of the other toys DynePod owned and close to the distance. Through vibration screen graphics, products or humming, users can receive DynePod usage of feedback. The children can use a wrist strap will DynePod wear in the body or with other goods, toys, networking, say, Lego can through a clip attached on other items. DynePod also USES digital bluetooth low-power clamp, the built-in Arduino to start loading, such DynePod can be conducted on the Arduino programming, and it will give children to take extra provides a technological learning.

Watry said in an interview: “the device support the use of four basic patterns. Independent mode, users can use the DynePod and tablet to create applications. Can also be connected to the other using DynePod friend to communicate or play; But can be by DynePod applications will use the device as a flat game controller; If in the networking mode, the device can also provide users with an open platform for the API to DynePod with a wide variety of cloud services network. Last one is obviously DynePod developing at this stage the most development potential function.”

Watry also said: “this device is only we want to design the first kind of networking products. We also hope to design toys and other toys designed to play makers of networking. Our goal is to create an open environment to will be connected to the Internet all the toys together, make toys with intelligent content, this is what we have been working hard to achieve. We are like a game of goalkeeper – must guarantee the safety of such toys. All these are attractive for parents. Now there are more and more people in the design of some very cool learning algorithm, and our company is not to design a learning algorithm, but to create a cloud services can be connected together in tool, this tool can expand children’s recreational play space.”

Watry added: “now children’s preferred toys is flat, there are a lot of parents complain about their children for the tablet. And the children are obsessed with the flat that because tablet provides a broad visual space, and this kind of visual space is the size of the human can be controlled. So, if the children can control their three dimensional space, we believe that they will not only to begin to explore the world, also in order to survive in a world of rapid development of science and technology, study hard science and technology.”

DynePod is to use a Dynepic peculiar If/then language programming on the tablet (currently only in the device can be used). Compared to other graphical programming language (such as Scratch at the Massachusetts institute of technology), and the programming language of this product for a child to be more easy to understand.

Watry said: “our goal is to allow 95% of children haven’t contact with technology learning to use this product, and this product can let the children and even their parents easily to learn programming. A year ago, we will be the first programming language in the classroom and public places are tested, and then continuously modify interface, make it as far as possible simple easy to operate.”

, for example, the children can use this If/then tablet interface to write a program, when DynePod testing their brother and sister is to take candy jar with hum prompt. Or in the future, when other service network with this platform, users can be digital weather service network with DynePod, if it will rain tomorrow, DynePod remind users will be displayed in the interface.

in 2011 when create IoToys Watry thought she noticed toys now supports networking technology has great changes have taken place, for example, now the network performance mainly depends on the bluetooth low energy instead of Zigbee technology. In addition, many other technical support DynePod has to shape.

Watry added: “the technology of back in 2011, now has already changed. In the past a lot of features are depend on the Zigbee to realize, but now the bluetooth and bluetooth technology has low power consumption, energy consumption is reduced, the size is reduced, the operation of the Arduino system can also be installed on the bluetooth low-power chips. Will many function device in this small chips, which will undoubtedly promote the development of technology.”

if Dynepic can perform all the raise goal, it is expected to launch in June next year the first DynePod. Earlier Kickstarter for DynePod the raising price of $79, which includes a mounting clip, silicon bracelet, USB charger and a 3 d printing file containing DynePod accessories.


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