IOS8 new vulnerabilities: reset up document automatically deleted

according to MacRumors website reported that some iOS users complained that apple’s latest iOS8 system the presence of a new vulnerability: the user unwittingly, system can delete files, in a store at up to Drive the new vulnerabilities are triggered by “reset all Settings” option.

in conventional iOS8 system set up under the “reset” interface, “reset all Settings” option can be used to reset the iOS Settings, make its restore to factory Settings, but photos and music and other media files and all kinds of documents will not be affected. However, if the user to select “erase all content and Settings” and delete mobile content, media files and documents will be permanently deleted.

however, there are some users complain that partially ripped files will disappear after reset all Settings. Based on users’ comments, the new found that iOS eight holes at documents from iWork application software, this kind of application software including Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Users, according to his iWork documents be deleted after reset, but other data files are still retained in the up.

the user wrote: “ask for help! My iPad3 iOS8 system speed too slow, so we have to reset all setting, after the speed is fast, but I iWork data has been deleted.” Another user then said he also encountered the same problem, up to Drive the data to be deleted.

apple Time Machine can automatically backup the user’s file, as is the ability to restore lost files. Some users said that they checked the Time Machine, but still can’t restore lost up to Drive file. However, there are user said he depend on the Time Machine back up data, at least is running OS X Yousemite test system. Some affected users have already contacted the apple after-sales, the latter are now investigating the matter. An apple spokeswoman declined to comment to this report.

MacRumors site report said: “in our tests, use” reset all Settings “deleted exists in the iPhone and up to Drive all iWork documents. After that, the synchronization to run in Mac OS X Yosemite system, all the documents also disappeared. However, Preview and TextEdit document also in Mac.

up to Drive apple to Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and other cloud storage service response. In addition to outside of the data synchronization between iOS devices and ripped, users can also store and recovery up to Drive in the documentation and other data, like you can store localization and restore them.

source: tencent digital

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