Investment in the United States for the first time millet company: cast wearable equipment manufacturers Misfit refs

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this morning, the message from TechCrunch, according to the U.S. department of health tracking equipment manufacturers Misfit has acquired GGV capital brought $40 million C round of financing. It is important to note that some other new investors include millet, jingdong, and suitable for capital lei jun.

Misfit currently leading a human health data detection called “Shine” bracelet. This bracelet although no Fitbit stars such as bright eye, but with the solid, simple work, relatively low price (latest Flash bracelet for $50), won the praise of most of the science and technology media. National science and technology media even put this product into so far used “best health bracelet”.

Misfit said that they launched this round of financing, not because of lack of money. But hope to joint millet, jingdong, such as partners, further expand the market share in the Chinese market. Misfit CEO pointed out: “millet and jingdong, etc., is the most rapid and massive expansion of product sales company. Not only they themselves, their investment will let us have benefited a lot from other company.”

it is understood that, after the completion of the current financing of GGV capital who will join the board of directors of the Misfit. And suitable for the founding partner of capital Tuk Koh, the Misfit board observers.

Misfit Flash

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