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hunting cloud network on December 03 (word/Morse good)

with the expansion of the application requirements, as well as the push of voice technology vendors and IT giant, intelligent speech technology in mobile Internet, call center, the application of intelligent household, automotive electronics and other fields gradually thorough, drive the intelligent voice continued rapid growth in industry.

so far, the intelligent voice temporarily or major development in the field of mobile phones, as long as in the base area of terminal to make breakthrough in the transplantation of intelligent voice software can better than other intelligent household products. So, the intelligent voice system was only one day in the field of mobile phone. Here are some of the most popular on the market at present big voice software.

xunfei input method

according to the latest market report, voice intelligence market in China is gradually from oligopoly to monopolistic competition pattern, hkust xunfei still leads to 54.2% of the market share. Hkust fly brand products – fly input method as one of the world’s first complete intelligent voice input method based on cloud accounting technology, it not only supports English and cantonese input at the same time the voice, handwriting, pinyin, stroke input set in one body.

input without switching in pinyin input interface for handwriting and speech input, enhance hair message, write weibo, QQ chat, lose site speed. The third language high recognition rate, and the perfect combination between various input mode let xunfei input method with strong competitiveness.

the new xunfei input method introduced a “zero discharge fly pass” function, to ensure that the user is in when replacing phone, to old phone commonly used offline voice packets in the transition to the new mobile phone, to improve the user viscosity.

begged the voice assistant

begged the voice assistant is hkust xunfei cooperation with China mobile for the market to test intelligent voice assistant. With the advantage of the telecom operators in-depth cooperation is not only can provide voice control call, send text messages, check the weather, set reminders, also integrates the voice search check cost, traffic order, buy a lottery ticket, the direct function.

begged the voice assistant’s latest actions are launched “to read your sister” broadcast “dialect” leisure game voice function, leisure can also exercise accent, want to stick to the user in the form of game learning and entertainment.

baidu voice assistant

according to the baidu search this powerful platform, baidu accumulate through long-term technology introduced baidu voice assistant which support voice commands, voice search, voice dialogue function of intelligent voice service software. Adopted the depth (within DNN), neural network technology makes the speech of relative recognition error rate by 25%, more precise.

baidu voice assistant could not escape the problems of the speech recognition using scene limited, is trying to use the mobile phone camera to make breakthrough, integrating voice and visual interactive make new products.

sound cloud know

founded in September 29, 2012 after hkust xunfei sound cloud known as domestic second speech cloud company. At first by the perfect cooperation with sogou speech aides a cannon dozen red, its characteristic is to support large vocabulary continuous speech, support application through the API calls to public cloud services directly.

in a cloud computing platform, with the degree of differentiation, adaptive training, large-scale network dynamic decoding technology and large-scale corpus support, such as accuracy as high as 90%, let the attention of the around the world. In addition it to WeChat users WeChat voice input plug-in, via voice in WeChat directly enter text quickly, the official introduction of the type 100 words per minute.

at the same time, sound cloud known also as ali YUNOS voice control solution partners. Cloud know for custom voice assistant YunOS3.0 depth, implements the voice control, voice search, taobao shopping and other features.

sound cloud to know the latest actions are introduced with their speech recognition wearable ROM search framework, hunting cloud network are carried out. The cloud of sound strategy is through the in-depth cooperation toB, step by step to test the market, the accumulation of experience, in order to gain more resources.


Siri as apple’s built-in intelligent voice software, based on apple’s platform is developing very rapidly, as a more successful speech software, Siri is more similar to a virtual intelligent assistant. Siri, users can set remind, send text messages, or schedule.

search is just a part of Siri, and Siri’s search depends greatly on “knowledge search engine” Wolfram Alpha this vertical search tool. The latter’s search service was able to answer some strange questions, such as “how much is the Greek GDP”, but is not good at dealing with daily keyword search, it is the highlight of the man-machine interaction aspect, not only has very lively dialogue interface, users ask for its accurate answer, sometimes more let a person have a kind smile pleasantly surprised, even if the user name some short term doesn’t conform to the grammar, Siris will probably judge your intentions, and puts forward related Suggestions.

in the field of supported languages, Siris is proficient in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and other languages, and even can distinguish between cantonese and Chinese Taiwan area language, truly intelligent identification, of course, in some specific language is hard to be the best.

its outstanding advantage is closely integrated with ios, the current state of Siris has resident system background and can take over some of the important system function.

Google Now

rooted in Google itself powerful search and the surrounding technology, Google Now is arguably the best voice assistant program.

Google Now solve the defect of the Siri, perform better in every aspect. Google Now shows the various vertical search services in mobile devices. Compared with Siri, Google in search obviously do better, this year on March 24, Google Now voice services officially on Windows and Mac desktop version of Chrome, Now users can not only in the Android mobile phones using Google Now voice service, can also be used on the desktop and notebook computers through Google Chrome browser to use this service.

but equally, Google cannot solve the problem of usage scenarios. But good integration technology based on the Android Wear the wearable device to provide good experience.

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana (Dakota na) the name I believe halo fans will be familiar, yes, the name comes from the large of Microsoft Xbox game “halo”, in the game is an artificial intelligence (AI) computer, like all science fiction movie and game, it’s smart, strong, and use this name to name mobile phone assistant application, it can be seen that Microsoft’s high hopes on it.

based on the design concept, Cortana and Siri, Google Now and other voice software the biggest different is that it has a virtual “notepad”. The notebook is not privacy collector, but on behalf of Cortana recorded all your to-do list. So it will not bring you a “spy” feeling, but a completely transparent mechanism of controllable.

Cortana application experience are different with the competition. , for example, when you say “remind me to call my wife next time, we need to discuss about Kevin”, when the next time you call wife, Cortana will remind you don’t forget to say Kevin, the experience is very advanced.

due to the requirement for high technology of intelligent speech technology, barriers to competition, with the wide popularity of intelligent terminal, voice interaction requirements, after the speech technology and products will be put forward development, and gradually transition to a chip integration direction, if do not take the development, possibly will be kicked out intelligent voice this big cake of the market.

since intelligent voice search direct features, after using habit forming will deeply influence on vertical O2O industry more. To know the search this entrance product, in the industry has a strong control.

in addition, the smart home will be the next direction of the force, is expected to bring new market growth point for intelligent voice, so intelligent voice its cake attracts major manufacturers to develop is crazy.

the Internet has become the norm, voice only in constant transformation in the process of marketization development. According to “intelligent voice alliance” put forward by the global homepage intelligent voice “5 a standard” requirement, the future of the intelligent voice solutions to have a personalized voice experience (something), intelligent control (Anyhow), all-weather operation (Anytime), must level data local storage (Anything), and the whole environment using the five characteristics (Anywhere). In wearable device on the eve of the outbreak of this technology is worth.

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