Inventory thin body application, how to make your application on the user’s phone?

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editor’s note: hunting cloud network will be continuous in the future one month (two) a week launched “popular mobile applications business tips” project. Cloud network editor jun will hunting in this feature article, exclusive inventory for you in current mobile application overview, summarizes its main characteristics, and combined with the use of their feelings for entrepreneurs who are interested in the field, and provide a direction for reference. In this paper, for the project first . .

as the saying goes, a white covering the ugly, fat destroyed all. Many people are said to see the face of the world of despair, but the more desperate is if you are lucky enough to have a face of fan bingbing, has twice the figure, the fan bingbing I dare not look at the picture is too beautiful. When asked about the figure, can only answer “thin”, can’t endure tears from this experience. So the question is coming! What kind of strong effect reducing weight, take medicine fat diet smoke?

with the development of science and technology, thin body also entered the field of mobile APP, since cloud network editor hunting jun saw weight loss in APP store application the existence of such a wonderful work, the whole people all lovable, after half a month of probation, decided to comb a inventory, to share with you.

inventory: lose weight class application classification

according to the application of the functions and characteristics of the main reducing weight, hunting cloud network editor you will lose weight class application is divided into two main categories:

the first kinds of tools, inside list: partial diet, partial movement, movement of balanced diet. tube shut up and move around, thin body in an all-round way. This kind of APP are thin, super king of weight loss, 21 days law reducing weight, love thin, mint, daily yoga and so on.

slants thin diet class represents first, mainly is to help you tube shut up. Before using this software, you need to input your personal information, according to these details, custom three meals. A plan don’t like it, also can click on “in a group,” there are a lot of variety to choose from. Thin and meals to remind, for those who neglect their children the good time off. Thin at the same time also can control movement, according to the setting of your recommended daily movement type and number of time.

partial exercise class represents the first super king of weight loss, on behalf of the APP and daily yoga, etc. Super king to lose weight and thin go custom route, but list is not the recipe, is the “daily task” movement. A feature of it is that motion is targeted, you can choose partial weight and body weight loss, partial thin body has given the corresponding action, and with professional video demonstration, and counting function. Super loser also provide “outdoor step gauge” function, automatically record heat consumption and movement distance.

movement balanced diet class representative is mint. Mint offers plenty of low-calorie food recipes, detailed steps, if there is anything want to eat dishes, also can be in a sort of “food” sort “dishes” in advance science, according to how many calories in each food is divided into three colors: red yellow green, ingredients and recipes and level of satiety. Sports, mint have fitness selection, such as “abdominal ripper”, “T25”, PIU, such as sports, with video demonstration, and set the “partners” area for everybody to exchange experience and results.

, as the name suggests, this kind of APP may not be given any official slimming tips, but handed the initiative to the user, let all people through community interaction. This kind of representative is love thin, thin body diary, etc.

love thin also have food calories query, weight loss, weight loss plan alarm clock, etc. But it is the most bright eye circle, you can choose to like to join the circle. In addition, love and lose weight diaries, experience sharing, lose weight thin question and answer three section, and provide consultant to lose weight. In short, thin or follow the fashion trends, love is very little that visual sense, and clever use of the function of micro letter, is a good platform to everyone to make fat friends oh.

a community fitness diary and slimming APP. Points to open the APP, head on three words was greeted — a team, you can lock the right group to join. Click “BBS” to lose weight, you can also browse fat friends give various thin body plan, and some of the better-known plan reducing weight, content is detailed. If there is a congenial friend, can also point oh.

weight class status of APP: quantitative data, community dating trend obvious

software design concept from a single thin body weight loss to the healthy life

traditional diet concept, usually with damage in slim body, it has failed to keep pace with changes of The Times, is now a large part of lean group goal is to keep healthy, harvest happiness. Application and thin body also follow fashion trends have been adjusted. Mint gives a balanced look very inviting health diet, very small endowment emotional appeal. Super king of weight loss using fragments of time, to provide a healthy lifestyle.

the way interaction friendly

an app called don’t hit, interface design and function of friendliness plays a vital role. In the process of updating, many application interface is concise, warmth, function is more simple and humanization.

quantitative data, a more practical

thin meals customization gives the specific number, indicated by g, and with a milk carton as a reference, the concept of image is given. Super loser in all kinds of sports, including outdoor sports are also gives the counter, and at the end of the campaign, estimate roughly how many fat consumption. Measure of the traditional way to lose weight in thin body class applications played particularly well, practicality is greatly enhanced.

slimming from individual behavior into a community

a lot of local application of encourage everyone to travel together sports, make friends in the process of movement and supervise each other. Some applications such as thin love can choose directly through QQ and weibo number login, make originally lose weight behavior into the group behavior of the individual, we find consistent goal, work together to make weight loss is no longer alone. More important is can promote the user viscosity and dependency, reducing the cost of the user.

along with the growing of the thin body application, advertising revenue model obviously

the most slimming application also tend to non-profit, but mint launched diet ads, some other applications also introduced a guidance counselor charging items, such as lean operation mode is going forward in the exploration of application.

class software is reducing weight, looking to the future, still have a long way to go

the most weight loss application on software hard study, but if, in a way of thinking, whether to hardware and software combination? By users themselves provide hardware facilities, alone, and hardware business cooperation if applications, design a hardware used with applications, such as wearable motion tracking, etc., to monitor users body weight, fat mass, metabolism, such as physical condition, so that users don’t have to his effort to find other tools could easily take control of their physical condition, must be more scientific. This direction, a great female physiology health care application is made, it PICOOC cooperation with the domestic intelligent digital health company, introduced a smart scale Latin, plump movement also paired with some supporting hardware, like smart bracelets, heart rate meter and so on.

function is not comprehensive, interaction of a single


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