“Inventory” smart watch start to suffer hardships

cloud network hunting on November 10th (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

editor’s note: about smart watches, hunting cloud network was done in the early years of the concept just started a series of detailed topic selection, after a year later, today to bring us a simple inventory, recalls a gap between ideal and reality.

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is the so-called science and technology change life, all the traditional hardware can through to carry smart chip intelligent, so as the watch is worn by people for a long time in the process of is becoming more and more intelligent, and, with an another smart watch also launched.

well using smart phone system and connection in the network, the realization of function extension amplification, this is the smart watch. As you can see, the development trend of the smart watch is gradually to mobile phones, which is one of the product was designed, in the case of the user is not convenient to use mobile phone use.

according to the performance, the intelligent watches mainly divided into two groups, and to distinguish the standard is whether to carry a phone. Relying on the connection of the smart phone watch smartphones and realize multifunction, messages can be synchronous operation of telephone, mobile phone, email, photos, music, etc.; And smart watches with phone support insert SIM card, is essentially a smart phone in the form of watch; Currently on the market most use of the operating system is a very high penetration rate of Android.

follow below small make up to review several representative, for everyone to see.

1. Apple Apple Watch

as at present the popular Apple under the much-anticipated released their smart watches – Apple Watch. By apple released in September 2014 smartphone screen USES the sapphire material, there are a lot of sensors on the back of the watch, tracking is a full range of health and sports equipment. It opens to booking a time for the mid to late march of next year to the end of June, for the price, cook said starting at about $349.

the dial of the sapphire stripping make its unique waterproof function, in respect of software, its special launch of two new applications: Fitness and another. Watch can record the real-time data, also can measure the heat consumption, exercise time, distance, and the heart. In addition, Apple watch has a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, 16 gb of RAM, via bluetooth or WiFi can also with the iPhone and the linkage.

2. Google is smart watches

now that apple has introduced a smart watches, as apple’s competitors, Google is not idle.

as the name suggests is carrying the Android Google is smart watch Wear smart watches, of course, there are smart watches with a simplified version of the Android system. Can provide navigation information, email and other in, the information can be displayed, and that the device has the function of network access. But does not support extended third-party applications.

now LG, Sony, MOTO have introduced related products.

3. Samsung Galaxy Gear

on September 25, 2013, South Korea’s samsung’s Galaxy smart watch Gear, a 1.63 -inch Super AMOLED screen material, a resolution of 320 * 320, multi-touch support. Wrist with built-in a 1900000 megapixel camera, at the same time support and samsung mobile phone before the interaction, and small tools management, image and video content.

it contains 800 MHZ single-core processor, 512 MB RAM + 4 gb ROM, at the same time with 315 milliampere sealed batteries can be used with more than 25 hours time smart watches and speakers, bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer and gyroscope and two microphones. While as for the price of $300. At the same time, the smart watch support samsung’s Voice Voice command, through the watch can complete the alarm clock, dial the telephone, and other functions. At home, is replaced by baidu voice assistant.

4. Fruit shell watches and the domestic intelligence watches

the release of intelligence like a tiger on the foreign manufacturers watches at the same time, China’s enterprises have not been idle. As China’s largest smart apparel company, nut shell electronic company and in June 2013 issued (GEAK Watch).

this carry the Android 4.1 operating system adopts a 1.5 -inch screen, support more than 720 p hd decoding and screen interactive, and also has WiFi module and bluetooth technology. By integrating a variety of sensors can absorb magnetic, gyroscope, such as navigation and acceleration information. The overall thickness of 10.7 mm. The domestic intelligence watch price is 1999 yuan.

there are reflected boring technology, soil mann (by) is still see rendering, and so on all sorts of things, the android mobile variant, functional variant types of smart watches emerge in endlessly.

The current situation of the development of

although there are already many smart watches on the market, but the proportion of users is quite small, this will involve the smart watch defects.

1. The compatibility issues with cell phone

because smart watches age is relatively small, research and development technology and expand the range is not big enough to current smart watches and smartphone compatibility is very narrow. In terms of the current smart watches, each manufacturer’s products can enable it to carry their own most of the mobile phone, it let alone carry other brands of mobile phone, for example, as a pure samsung Galaxy smart watch Gear currently only and Galaxy Note3 and Galaxy Note10.1 connection. Looking at such a small compatibility, many potential users are daunting.

2. The battery life issue

for function alike of intelligence for the bracelet, super long life, smartphone surprising life function. Since be smart watches, when we need them naturally have to open the bluetooth function, sometimes open the radio, but that would make their battery life lasts for three or four hours, want to use requires frequent charging, this can let the buyer is a headache.

3. The lack of ecosystem

the rapid development of the smart phone depends largely on the formation of favorable ecological system. Smartphone APP market madness competition to the user in the smart terminal won a good user experience. And looking smart phones, an APP is extremely poor, less users cannot enjoy the fun brought by the Internet ecosystem weak nature leads to confidence. Want to smart watch market, and the development of the application is indispensable.

4. Price

in fact, as consumers in the concerned about its function at the same time, the key factor to decide whether it will buy is the price. Current smart watches the price and a smart phone terminal price is similar. In front of the same price, I believe most people will choose the smartphone of high performance-price ratio.

although smart watch can have a combination of luxury and fashion rocks of science and technology, but is still faced with a series of problems. Smart watches to benign development, user psychology and virtuous circle of ecological construction is necessary. The first generation of smart phones while facing a lot of problems but the momentum is good, prospects, let’s look at the appearance of the second generation product.

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