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The function of the

iOS users happy finally appeared, that is on the apple smartphone and tablet can also use your favorite third-party input method! As the iOS 8 operating system formally pushed to the masses of users, from now on, you can install a third-party keyboard to your iPhone or ipod. At the same time, the system own keyboard also got good upgrade, it is 8 inside a very good upgrade iOS, and iOS to add in the keyboard input prediction for the first time. But im developers and manufacturers through their iteration and improved for many years, has been in the iOS keyboard in this field for a long time. For them, the keyboard has become a playground, there are creative and highly customizable user interface functions. In this article, we had some good alternative iOS 8 finishing some applications of the input method for your reference.

the user how to install and replace the third-party input method?

first of all, you need to the App Store App Store download input method application, and then in the “Settings” of your device to enable it. Specific approach is to set point & gt; Gm & gt; The keyboard & gt; The keyboard & gt; Add a new keyboard. You will see that you just download the keyboard in a new list, name is called the “third party” keyboard. When you need to enter into the device, you can switch the earth in the keyboard icon at different keyboards, or hold the earth icon, playing out the list, select the keyboard you need. In the apple keyboard, the little earth icon in the lower left corner of the keyboard always the same position, but in some third-party input method is a little difficult to find it. Swype, for example, in the input method, the user needs to press an icon in the lower left corner, then slip up, in a small set directory to find the little earth. Fleksy iOS input method is the same, it need to long press a button and then you can switch to the digital keyboard.

Fleksy ($0.99)

The iOS version of the

Fleksy im the biggest characteristic is to be able to use gestures to replace some keys in common use, thus saving space, saves the time of the input keyboard. You can scroll left to delete the wrong word, rather than as before clicking the delete button, or slide to the right to add a space. IOS version has a switch can switch to the smallest model, in this mode, when you have learned after hand gestures, such as the function of the capital function or add space, you can get rid of all the auxiliary button. You also can adjust the size of the input method buttons, color schemes, and you really want to use some of the shortcuts. It can also access your Facebook posts, Gmail messages, or tweets to learn the style of your input. Currently, Fleksy has issued six themes, and advanced topics in six charges paid 99 cents after can unlock.

Kuaiboard ($1.99)

this input method to focus on the user easier on mobile devices to fill in some form of repetitive. Kuaiboard can store your billing information, the signature, as well as your address, when the input to save the user input time. You can enter this information in advance. Such as the position of some dynamic information, input method can also dynamically generated for you, is very convenient.

Minuum ($1.99)

Minuum is to replace the iPhone a craziest keyboard input method, at least so far. You can be in the top or bottom of the keyboard swiping your finger, which can change the size of the keyboard, so you can put the shrinkage method to a very small size than own input method (even the any input method in this paper are small). Bright spot is that it can be automatically corrected and try to fathom what do you want to input content, and show to you. There is also a piece of advice content appears in the top of the keyboard, so that if the contents of this advice input useful if it will save you some time button. But it depends on the usefulness of what you input. So this feature useful degree is still controversial.

SwiftKey (price: free)

as early as January SwiftKey has built the iOS app store, but at that time you can only input in some applications or create notes in the company. It’s just a independent application with input functions, and the input method can’t replace. Was one of the biggest bright spot is the ability to predict the content of the input, however, the function directly by apple’s integration into the iOS 8 built-in system input method. The company launched a new version of the input method to add some new features, like SwiftKey Flow, this feature allows you to slide your finger, across multiple keys to spell out the words you need. Input method with black and white and dichromatic theme, integrated SwiftKey cloud services. It can put your custom phrases and phrases and writing style in the cloud, and then seamlessly use in different devices.

Swype (price: $0.99)

iOS 8 Swype is T9 input method developer’s latest work, it can allow the user to slide your finger between letters and letters on the keyboard, and then form a word. It has and other similar function, when the input to provide input words of advice and recommend some phrases. Swype has now launched five topics, personal dictionary can learn input of words, and you can see in the iOS version of the input method and the Android version of the same gesture to the function of the input symbols and punctuation.

TextExpander (price: $4.99)

primer Software Textexpander is popular Mac in an application, it can store your most commonly used text, through a shortcut to insert in the location you need quickly. Before the company has launched the iOS version of the application, in the same way, it need to rely on other developers to integrate it into their own applications, like this can be used by the user. As the iOS 8 release, customers finally have they have been Shouting “system level” input method. We can use it to reply email, automatically enter the preset information, email signature, will automatically become a dash two hyphen etc. Function. In addition, your input segment automatic synchronization to Dropbox. So, you don’t need to learn or to enter anything in the existing desktop applications.

TouchPal (price: free)

TouchPal keyboard can work in the click and sliding, so you can use the phone ascenders and sliding on the screen, do not need to leave the screen can spell out the words you need. Unlike many other keyboard, TouchPal use gestures and personal custom button to let you input level 2 Numbers and punctuation, so don’t need a tedious or long press buttons to switch between the keyboard. It also has the theme of the rainbow, and a built-in emoji keyboard, it will allow you to scroll to select emoji expression and replace apple with flip type selection.

Adaptxt (forthcoming)

Adaptxt promised you a lot of things, from the user input the words do not need to lift the fingers of the press on the screen to change the appearance of the existing user input method. Although its main function is according to its location and status change suggested phrases, do some like apple, identify your input state is in the email or text messaging. Location identification function can also be put forward for the user the location surrounding some of the information at present.

Gifmoji (forthcoming)

Gifmoji combines animation GIF keyboard with built-in emoji expression. This function looks no characteristic, but Gifmoji not to be outdone, they introduced a text emoji, this means that you can just can play some performing words, like ˉ \ _ (ツ) _/?

Emojiyo (forthcoming)

you can use emoji expression can vividly describe your idea why use word? Although almost all of the keyboard are mentioned in this article contains a dictionary of apple emoji expressions, they are listed separately or integrated in a category, anyhow is has this function. Emojiyo has its unique search function, however, can be a few emoji face together and save for next time use.

Ginger (forthcoming)

Ginger dedicated to provide users with as much of the writing training, when put on the keyboard, it can provide users with a dictionary, the translator and grammar check function, as well as some functions are called “sentence outline”. It also can be by adding new idioms and phrases “let your style of writing is more active. For those who have just come into contact with English user, Ginger can provide a personal trainer, functions, and even help you learn English.

Popkey (forthcoming)

you ever think about all the words are replaced with dynamic GIF images? This is the purpose of the Popkey. Integrated with tens of thousands of kinds of GIF images, you can browse and search, insert the GIF image to text, email, or need to enter text in any application. That means you can easily through the keyboard input in the mail these animation? The answer is yes, it can be said that after this is basically a GIF animation application, only can obtain the feature in other applications. Now the input method has been completed and has been submitted to apple, but have to wait for apple audit by users can install it later.

Themeboard (forthcoming)

as the name implies, Themeboard extremely pay attention to the appearance of the keyboard, or even more than focus on apple recently new keyboard function. Its creator for other designers, to create a good platform, through the creation on the platform, the application of internal can sells its own keyboard works to other users. We can look at it like this, like Vscocam and stores it filters a meaning, but it is designed for iOS keyboard. Its co-founder and designer Asem, Hassan said he expects some designers put their paintings pricing for free, and they just put the subject platform as one of their talent.

Type (forthcoming)

Type focus on getting the user’s choice of his keyboard personalized each can choose the color of the background from keyboard to keyboard keys, every detail can be custom color by the user. The current beta version only allows the user to set the sort of thing, but in the future, the developer plans to add functionality allows users to add or delete rows. Advice and plans to add words and automatic correction function.

sogou input method (price: free)

sogou input method of interface and anastomosed with the iOS eight very flat design style has been adopted. In user interface design is also with Android version of sogou input method before and the jailbreak version of the input interface is consistent. If you is prison break users before, use the sogou input method version or use sogou input method before Android version, with 8 version of the iOS sogou input method basically no influence. On the specific use, sogou input method iOS version 8 currently supports three kinds of input methods, namely scratchable latex, standard American English keyboard input and support for stroke. At the same time which also supports the iOS slide 8 additional input features. In terms of input functions, basic consistent with the Android version, can undertake cloud input, the number two, the other input, fuzzy tone matching, etc., the mandarin is not with an accent or a particular standard is a Gospel of users. Sogou input method also blended in a lot of personalization, the choice of vocabulary provided in many popular expressions a vast network of thesaurus. In addition, more professional term word library is also a very recommended for everyone to use, but also has a very detailed classification, for example, tang poetry history, natural sciences, humanities, etc. After download professional thesaurus, the response speed of the input vocabulary very quickly. When use the sogou input method, there are some nice little feature is very good, the keyboard height position can be adjusted. Especially as a relatively small screen size 4 s, 5 s and other equipment, key is too concentrated, it’s easy to touch by mistake when typing, pressing, keyboards, a highly raised can reduce the chance to touch typing mistake. Sliding selecting this function also has appeared in the Android version of sogou input method, thumb when choosing the words don’t have to touch the top bar of the candidate words is, directly in the input keyboard for sliding, the function in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus large size is very nice.

baidu input method (price: free)

baidu input before the use of the interface and the user can see the Android version is not the same, including “fold”, “digital switching” and expression “send” button position is changed. If you before use and Android installed baidu input method in using baidu to fit iOS 8 equipment and will need some time to adapt. Due to the characteristics of Chinese input and the limitation of domestic manufacturers technology, baidu input method similar to the function of sogou input method, support “scratchable latex”, “sliding input”, “cloud thesaurus” and so on. nullnullnullnullnull

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