Inventory IFA conference those spooky: “Win 8.1 devices

2014 Berlin international consumer electronics show (IFA) – 10, held on September 5. It is a Windows PC manufacturers launched a tide of holiday computer platform, this year is no exception. Today we will introduce from Toshiba, lenovo, acer and asustek, the latest model in the enterprise is pointed out that the trend of the PC.


Toshiba introduced a series of tablets running Windows operating system, including a heavyweight, of course, is the Encore Mini, it runs the full version of Windows 8.1 system, costs a mere $119.99.

of course, as a result of such a low price, the performance of the equipment may be not as good as other Windows 8.1 notebook or mixing equipment. Encore Mini screen for 7 inch 1024 x 600 resolution multi-touch screen, for 1 gb of RAM, the fuselage memory to 16 gb (support extended storage). Toshiba through OneDrive 1 TB storage space and a year of Office 365 Personal free rights to make up for the shortage.

the processor speed should be fast. Thanks to it is equipped with a 1.83 GHz Intel Atom Z3735G processor. 802.11 n single frequency, supporting the wi-fi and bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, both before and after the camera, the main camera to 2 million pixels.

Encore Mini did two things, it will be running Windows 8.1 system tablet with Android tablet as cheap prices, thanks to Microsoft’s free Windows (part) policy. Hardware not too surprising, after all, from Microsoft to Intel everyone insisted that earn a lot of money in this respect. But the company wants to seek new niche in the tablet market, to get growth. And there is no doubt that someone won’t mind always so cheap Windows equipment, although specifications configuration is not very satisfactory.

Toshiba’s another product for the Satellite Radius,11.6 11 inch screen, no fan, adopt similar to Yoga can hang axle design, Intel celeron, pentium chip. Screen resolution is 1366 x768. Full-size HDMI port, start and 2.0 interface, full size SD card reader, also supports 802.11 n single frequency and the technology of bluetooth 4.0. Basic model of system memory, built-in 4 gb memory 500 gb hard drive. The specific price information has not yet been learned.

Encore Mini is now on sale, and the Satellite Radius 11 will be released in the fourth quarter of this year.


is lenovo launched the game notebook products Y70 Touch. For 17 inch screen size, the weight of 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg), is one of the largest touchscreen lenovo laptop. Screen resolution of 1080 p, ppi was only 127.

according to its high price at $1299, compared with the configuration is not too disappointing. Intel Core i7 processor, the latest Nvidia GTX CARDS, 16 gb of memory, hard disk may be 1 TB hard drive or machinery 512 GBSSD solid-state drives. The fastest GPU is available with 4 gb of memory GeForce GTX 860 m. Support bluetooth 4.0 technology, close the backlit keyboard design even in low light environment also can clearly see the location of each key-press.

802.11 ac transmission technology is suitable for all kinds of machines. There are two USB 3.0 interface, a USB interface, a card reader, HDMI port, and gigabit Ethernet socket.

Y70 Touch will launch in October.


acer published in 2013, a design using Ezel the rotation ASPIRE R7 deformation notebook, but because of its strange trackpad and controversial. In this year’s IFA, acer continuation of the same rotor design, introduced the subsequent design ASPIRE R13, as well as the deformation pattern is small, but size bigger R14 laptops.

the Acer Acer R13 use is called Ezel Aero Hinge double rotor design, can let the computer screen to turn 180 degrees, and provides six different deformation modes. It is similar to dell XPS 12 some. But acer R13 reverse rotation design on both sides of the screen, rather than XPS 12 integral framework, seem to be more portable. When users touch screen or using the keyboard at the same time, regardless of all kinds of Angle is very stable, flip different mode is also very smooth. Acer said, the user just above the induction screen presses the button, the stylus can boot sole Acer Hover Access application software group, start editing functions notepad, or painting.

in addition to the rotor design, acer R13 is also very competitive in terms of configuration. With 13.3 -inch 1080 p, support the pressure sensitive stylus, screen resolution at the same time also has 2560 x1440 high-end models. Processors, including core i5 and i7, 8 gb RAM and 1 TB hard disk. Acer R13 will be on sale in November this year, the price is about $900 (RMB 5530).

R14 size larger. Operation can be 360 degrees, 14 inch screen, only 1366 x 768 resolution, hardware specifications supply 12 gb of RAM, 500 gb or 1 TB hard disk. Has Pentium processor CPUs and integrated graphics is optional, but can also choose to core i3, i5 and i7 processor series. In addition, also contain professional (although a bit low) GeForce 820 m showing a different option. R14 will officially open in October to sell, jump for $599.

acer R13

acer have also launched a series of Android tablets, but our attention is focused on a new generation of full hd entertainment tablets on an assortment of 8. It for $149.99, higher than Toshiba’s $30, but it is equipped with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 full hd IPS wide Angle of view screen, visual effect is better. Use 1 gb of memory and lntel Atom SoC, with 32 gb of internal storage. Equipped with front and rear cameras, micro SD card slot, mini USB 2.0. Also provides a year of Office 365 Personal use free of charge. The product will be released in November.

in the end, is 11 inches in one board notebook Aspire 11, the Switch has a unique magnetic bearing, easy disassembly, joint, reverse it. Switch 11, there are two different styles, the specification is different also. SW5 resolution of 1920 x 1080-171, using core i5 chip, built-in 4 gbram, 128 g of SDD storage space, 3.0 and 2.0 USB interface. And low order SW5 is 1366 x 768-111 of the resolution, using Intel Atom Z3745 CPU, built-in 2 gb RAM, 64 gb of storage space. There are two USB 2.0. Both equipped with Micro HDMI port, dual band 802.11 n, bluetooth 4.0 support functions. Basic model machine will start at $399, but a higher version of the 1080 p price has not yet been published. This product will be released in October, the revision and the Switch 10 this month that is available for $329.99.


ZENBOOK UX305 carrying 14 nm Intel core M processor, in addition, the 13.3 -inch display is used to design the hardware, with ultra-high QHD resolution (3200 X 1800). The fuselage thickness is less than half an inch, 2.65 pounds in weight. The highest can be equipped with 256 GB solid state drives, 8 GB of memory. HDMI output, 802.11 ac wi-fi, three USB ports and a SD slot. In this conference, however, asus did not disclose any price information on the notebook.

UX305 thin design means to eliminate the computing devices, an annoying: cooling fans. As far as we know, Intel’s official launch the new 14 nm chip technology, and named it Broadwell. Intel is bringing to the market with a new chip technology is a new generation of no fan super Ben and tablets. The most traditional super this, including many with UX305 competition system, is likely to adopt U series Broadwell chips. With Core M compared to a generation ago U series Haswell chip, it can significantly improve the CPU and GPU performance. Now also don’t know whether UX305 will adopt fanless design.

at the same time, asus EeeBook X205 laptop also attracted attention.

EeeBook X205 11.6 inch laptop, Windows 8.1 operating system, the screen resolution of 1366 x 768. Equipped with a quad-core Intel atom processor, 2 gb memory, 32 gb or 64 gb onboard storage. In many ways, the product can say once the seed of netbooks.

of course, it is not and former EeeBook computer brand is exactly the same. They changed the form, use the touch screen, improves the bearing design, but still keep the low-end component, the price is not expensive. Compared with the tablet, developed many netbooks. But you can still see them on some new products published today the influence of the Radius, (especially the Satellite 11 and low-end Aspire Switch 11). By the end of the year, asus EeeBook X205 will be sold in the United States and Europe, priced at $199/199 euros.

EeeBook X205 support 802.11 n wi-fi, built-in microSD slot, mini HDMI and two USB 2.0 ports, adopting Windows8.1 operating system. Original carrying the single-core Atom and built-in GPUs netbooks, speed slow maddening. X205 more modern, in contrast, the component will be able to improve the user experience. Who knows, maybe the success of small cheap Chromebooks, improved version of the hardware, will make the netbook category the credibility of the first step.

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