Inventory class notes applications: grasp the user needs, focus perfectly

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editor’s note: hunting cloud network will be continuous in the future one month (two) a week launched “popular mobile applications business tips” project. Cloud network editor jun will hunting in this feature article, exclusive inventory popular mobile applications on the market at present for your overview, summarizes its main characteristics, and combined with the use of their feelings for entrepreneurs who are interested in the field, and provide a direction for reference. In this paper, the second for the project. Focus on the first paper, please click the “

every day in the information explosion era, it is clear that the human brain has not fully absorb and to remember the information. That leads to the emergence of emerging markets – class notes applications. There is demand, just have the market. Application of application notes that appeared on the market today have the dizzying, which no doubt is given to illustrate the application notes class market potential. What are the current relatively popular in the notes APP? The characteristics of these notes applications, limitations and development trend? Today, cloud network will take you hunting comprehensive combing notes application class.

inventory: popular application notes class classification

the functions and characteristics of the main class from the notes application, hunting cloud network editing your class notes applications mainly can be divided into three categories:

the first category is “simple notes application” , domestic most application notes are the category. The main purpose of the notes application class to take notes. Typical representative of this kind of products are the OneNote, Wiz note, McCool chronicle.

OneNote immensely powerful, whether note-taking, tour, bills, and so on these questions OneNote can satisfy your requirement. But it is the biggest problem is the mobile version of the function is not complete, the platform is not wide. The free version of OneNote APP list of records, pictures, text, has brought the checkbox list of tasks; Have can quickly take photos, fast access to the most recently used notes, save, and access to multiple notebooks, offline access notes, OneDrive synchronization function such as free of charge. Hunting cloud network editor herself is a fan of OneNote, you know OneNote in notes, absolute victory over other notes applications on the function, not only that, OneNote PC version also has infinite magnified version of the “white cloth”, you can freely in any position of the note began to take notes, user experience really first-class.

Wiz is a multi-platform Internet personal knowledge management software. Wiz user data knowledge as the core, to provide practical and convenient tool set; Can be used for time management, document management, task management, offline key, diary blog, desktop memo, etc. Wiz note for individual users free of charge, the individual initial total capacity of 10 g, a single file size limit of 30 m, initial upload capacity of 500 m per month, can pay to upgrade. In general, the function of the Wiz slightly stronger, platform is wide, but the corresponding function bloated problem has yet to appear as (each function’s bloated products has a very rich functionality, but they will be the most commonly used functions in the most eye-catching position, will be less commonly used functions hidden).

chronicle McCool is developed by shanda innovation institute a permanent free personal cloud notepad. Can use the equipment such as computers, mobile phones anywhere in the garage save notes, memos, etc. This is the first cloud notes application, security and stability and highly feasible, convenient and efficient. Main function is the cloud storage, which contains multiple encryption technology, data privacy, security, bring very good guarantee the user’s data. In addition, it also supports text, pictures, and the preservation of the recording, and support any upload files as attachments. Offline users can view the documentation, with two levels of classification and labelling, in terms of management notes. McCool chronicle is free to all users, the initial capacity of 2 g, no single file size limit.

the second category is “complex notes of application” with a variety of functions. say it is a complex, from applications and other application through these notes, form the cooperation effect.

these application notes represent mainly youdao cloud notes. Youdao cloud notes are netease’s launch notes software. Anywhere, record everything. Youdao cloud notes style is more concise than McCool, function is complete, the user experience is very good, especially support handwritten function. As to the storage space, youdao cloud do more humanized, can according to user’s online time to increase the space, 1 KB of 1 second. Say it belongs to complex notes of application notes, because the application also combines the youdao dictionary. When you use the youdao dictionary, it will remind you don’t know the words to record on youdao cloud notes. Especially the youdao dictionary has built up a large number of users, users use this application is also very frequent, so the compound function for the user experience is very good.

another is NearMe cloud notes. NearMe cloud notes are NearMe team mobile notebook to create elegant and easy to use tools. Through powerful cloud synchronization function, the content of the note can secure permanent storage to the cloud network, anytime, anywhere access, solve the difficulties and export the user long-term preservation notes. Notes in addition to the basic function of the notes application support graffiti also chronicle and take photos, and other functions. This note is elegant and easy to use, attach the function of the alarm clock, calendar, is analysis of notes to remind the user. Its main drawback is the lack of folder Settings, notes cannot be classified.

the third kind is the “application platform type notes”. this class notes application is not to take notes as the main function, it is the main purpose is based on the record, help the user with the productivity of diversified activities.

the most prominent of this kind of application notes on behalf of the company. The company’s main advantage is light and convenient, wide platform, cross-platform do very well. But smaller storage space, free accounts monthly space limitation is 60 m, zero in on a monthly basis. 1 g paid accounts monthly limit. Frankly, “if the OneNote is software, so we can say that it will be a software service company, the difference that I think everyone should all can understand. Notes in addition to the basic functions, the company also supports a very rich applications, such as networking, food, marks, reading and so on, is like the characteristics of such applications, based on the record, for other productive activities. Believe it also illustrates the design concept of this.

honey notes (has not yet been launched) is a based on the knowledge productivity tools application of the note. Its founder Shen Chao said in an interview: “if you have a product to you in view of the structured notes, sharing the same thing, based on certain filtering and the transmission mechanism, make essence notes stand out, and be enjoyed by more people need it, it is destined to become a highly value creation.” And “honey notes,” just did such a thing. “Honey notes” impression like a collection of notes, watercress and weibo. Application as a personal note, you can use it for a while reading passages are highlighted, notation, excerpting and play tag. In knowledge sharing platform, you can will you for what you did to the content of the secondary editor, Shared the article or other people interested in you. The application is expected to officially launched in October, the hunting cloud network editor you said very much looking forward to.

share the common characteristics of the current class notes APP

class notes application is becoming more and more “heavy” : function, more and more complex, the interaction is becoming increasingly difficult

The company is a typical

the issue. In line with the concept, to provide users with better service the company designed a lot of features, but it ignores the user’s main demand. Class notes applications aim should be to let the users in a short period of time to record their own inspiration, feelings, and should not be to the productivity tools, such as WPS mobile Office, mobile version. And third-party platform can be used, but excessive platform plug-in will appear function is too complex, the user experience is too cumbersome.

class notes applications combined with cloud services, cross-platform

today hunting cloud network editor jun to discuss several notes applications, today’s class notes applications are combined with the function of the cloud notes, storage allows users to more easy and convenient to use. In addition, in terms of cross-platform, OneNote have Windows, Windows Metro, WP, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon, the Web version, but the difference in mobile and desktop operating function. The company is doing very well in this regard, all synchronized platform, Windows, Windows Metro, WP, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry and even web and mobile web version, shanzhai can log in directly. Youdao cloud notes support desktop, web, web clippings version, Windows, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, mobile web version of this form, it also introduced a listing, bookkeeping youdao cloud notes independent APP. Wiz note now include PC, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android, and many other clients. McCool chronicle platform coverage is very good also, now you can use the platform including the iPhone, ipod, Mac, Android, Windows phone 7, symbian, etc. It seems that on the cross-platform development direction, each class notes applications can be said to be “the sea, the situation”.

business model is a free download + senior more paying customers value-added services in the form of

first class notes applications to attract users, so the application of these notes class most business model is to provide free download. Then, as a result of individual users for different functional requirements and the purpose of profitability, notes application companies also set up a senior member. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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