Inventory application timetable: “cracks” make a fortune in the other people don’t make money

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editor’s note: hunting cloud network will be continuous in the future one month (two) a week launched “popular mobile applications business tips” project. Cloud network editor jun will hunting in this feature article, exclusive inventory orders for you Before in popular mobile applications overview, summarizes its main characteristics, and combined with the use of their feelings for entrepreneurs who are interested in the field, and provide a direction for reference. In this paper, for the project first 9 .

the train is always an important vehicle of americans to travel. Along with the rapid development of smart phones, people began to increasingly use mobile devices and network query trains, buying tickets, the train time application arises at the historic moment. Throughout the application on the market at present, most of the selling point of rob tickets functions, application update is also serve more quickly to get the ticket. On downloads on the market at present the following a few larger train moment applications do a inventory.

divide kind of

according to the application of the function, can be divided into three categories: pure query application, the application of lay particular stress on the ticket, train, and the application of additional “rob tickets” function. And, of course, after the two kinds of application is the most basic query trains moment function.

train time query applications

acura train schedules this app is only 3.9 M size, small footprint, run fast. And using the interface simple and clear, is a pure market function and specific application timetable, only trains the query and station query two options, you can query the obligatory, arrive station time and ticket prices of various kinds of seating. Seemingly ordinary, but there is one of the most important advantage, is offline retrieval, query train anytime and anywhere.

famous train time is a bigger one app downloads, it has powerful query capabilities, to the history of memory, with conducting inquiry, trains and query, station for three kinds of query. More than in the USA in the query, can be connected to the Internet query ticket information, according to the departure time or run time sorting; Trains in the query options can see part of the site of the late information, at the same time there is about section, users to exchange instant train information in time; Station in the query even introduced baidu encyclopedia, make simple introduction to the city.

for function of applications

this kind of application on behalf of the natural is 12306 for official use 12306 railway. First need to register an account, because now the real-name tickets, so need to fill in the registration account id number, each id number can only corresponding to a user name, and user name cannot be changed. Next is the ticket booking link, enter the departure and arrival and departure dates, and all the trains can query to meet the requirements don’t have a ticket, fewer than 20 tickets, yu displays specific number ticket.

compared with a groove on the official website of a few years ago, 12306 points, a lot a lot better than this kind of mobile phone application, running speed, information display is clear.

super train ticket is cool, the application. This is the only a cloud network editor jun found hunting don’t need to use the application of 12306 account login can buy tickets. Users only need to directly fill in the name, id card number, telephone number, can use pay treasure to pay to complete, to rush to buy a ticket, but there was no time step by step registered 12306 account for passengers, it really is a saviour. This app also make full use of the cool news resources, to provide users with hotel reservation and ticket ordering service.

rob tickets” function of the application

now, rob tickets is one of the most popular function. Every holiday, train ticket there is always in short supply situation. Plus phone and Internet to booking in advance of time than the ticket window and outlets for two days in advance, so rob tickets in advance on the Internet becomes more important. These applications need to use the website registered account for in 12306.

chi heng train ticket: the app has a unique “monitor” function. In monitoring options need to enter the station, destination, date of monitoring, monitoring of trains, the types of seat, purchase tickets that information, after confirm if there is a suitable ticket system can real-time monitoring. Hunting cloud network editor jun found in the process of trial, the system can automatically identify input validation code, submit orders automatically. When hint sound up, it has been in the first time to help you confirm the order, you only need to payment, rob tickets is very convenient and quick. At the same time, the application will also be able to choose where to jump to the nets, booking hotel or the choose and buy tickets.

iron friend train ticket : ctrip’s application. This app is one of the most prominent characteristics, is a “get on the bus ticket” option. Get on the bus ticket mean, buy the ticket of the same train midway, get on the car to fill the rest of the journey and ticket. Hunting cloud network editor you think this is great, must often encounter difficult problem of passengers will have to find the way for tickets ticket, this function can grant you a one stop manual retrieval of trouble, it will automatically search sites along the ticket information, this will greatly increase the risk of purchase to the designated routes. The iron friend also has the function of buy bus ticket and booking hotel. Need to buy ticket to each ticket 3 yuan fee. This also let passengers in when it can’t buy train ticket right more a choice.

: netease train ticket is worth mentioning is that the app can have shortcut icon in the center of the personal online consulting, there are the MM of the service in time to answer the ticket or change back to sign of related problems, for no network ticketing experience is very useful. Another bright spot is that have a taxi service option, will jump to quickly take a taxi.

application current situation of the development of train moment to

rob ticket function become mainstream

ticket applications on the market at present are constantly updated its function rob tickets, gradually to “one-click” development, users only need to login account ahead of schedule, confirm the passenger information and travel time and seats don’t information, the system can automatically identify when submit orders input verification code. When hint sound up application has help you confirm the order in the first time, you only need to payment.

travel simple to provide integrated solutions

part of the application is no longer limited to order train ticket, they use the ticketing service company or travel the resources of the search engine to provide hotel reservation, ticket booking, or ticket reservation service. Super train tickets, for example, using cool – friends, iron train tickets using ctrip, chi heng train tickets using where to go.

profit model of the single

the application of the inventory on the profit model is too single. Mostly by advertising such a simple and crude way to increase revenue, some applications even without profit model. The ads will not only make the page crowded complex, will seriously affect the user experience, causing the loss of users, it is not worth the cost.

the lack of user communication area

cloud network editor found in use, hunting for almost all the applications are only focus on the process of the ticket, but ignores the online communication between users. In famous train moment about section often can see users communicate with each other between the train information, real-time status or station; There are users can post on the boring journey to kill time. It is not hard to see, to join the user communication area appears to be more vivid and humanization.

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